District Governor 2019 - 20, Tim Klar

This year the DG's Newsletter is being published on the 4th Thursday of the month with copy being received up to one week prior.
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Since our last DG's Newsletter, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
David Bann Seaford
Teresa Hamilton-Smith Eastwood
Wayne Quinlivan Irymple

DG Tim's March Message

Hello fellow Rotarians.
April is Rotary's Maternal and Child health month. However I think our emphasis has to extend to everyone’s health in the coming months.
There is an ancient Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times”. I doubt this is what the Chinese had in mind.
The Covid-19 Corona virus is affecting every aspect of our lives in real time and puts us as Rotary members in an unfamiliar place. As People of Action we want to engage, move freely, meet openly and help those less fortunate. We want to serve.
We have the ability and skills to collaborate and provide help to people in need immediately and rapidly.
We will have to use the technology we have at our disposal so we can continue to reach out to our local community as well as and collaborate on big projects and provide equipment and support where it's needed round the world.
We are leaders in our community and the need for leadership in this difficult time creates challenges. As Rotarians we can respond to and fill that leadership need.
We have had to cancel the District Conference, the Rotary Zone Institute in Alice Springs has been cancelled, District Assembly has been postponed (and probably cancelled)  and Clubs and District changeovers are under threat.
Rotary International’s response is to recommend the Districts and Clubs meet electronically or cancel or modify events acting on the advice of our National health officials. We need to take precautions to protect ourselves and implement social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.
The International Convention in Honolulu has been cancelled to protect the health and safety of Rotarians, Rotary staff and the local Hawaiian community.
The Board of Directors and the Rotary Foundation trustees have cancelled in-person meetings and will meet by webinar.
Clubs and Districts hosting exchange students may need to consider the challenges of students returning home and also consider cancelling or postponing non-essential travel.
Participants in Friendship Exchange and Rotary Action Groups could expose their participants to an increased risk and should follow WHO guidelines when considering postponement or cancellation.
With these new restrictions, and the concern for our members health and well-being, we have an opportunity to consider different ways of meetings and different ways of providing service. Hopefully there is a silver lining in every cloud and in the next year Rotary will come out stronger and more focused on doing good in the world. Stay safe all of you.
Tim Klar

Rotary Can Still Function

Many of our Rotary Clubs have effectively gone into lockdown but there are ways to continue to meet in these challenging times.
Several Clubs have been experimenting with the platform known as Zoom.
Zoom Logo  Zoom is an interactive software platform whereby members can join together and enjoy the fellowship that is currently missing from our normal meetings.
For information relating to Zoom visit www.zoom.us or contact Robin LeGallez (mhcool@lm.net.au) who may be able to assist you with getting online.
District 9520 has a current license for Zoom, however only one session can run at a time. A session must be booked with the District Secretary, Peter Maas who will provide login and password details.
Alternately there is a free version which has the same number of meeting attendees but is limited to 40 minutes. The paid PRo version currently costs $20.99 (AU$) but with a promo code for Rotary there is a 20% discount. Promo code is ZoomRotary.The Pro version allows online recording of the meeting which could be uploaded for viewing later. 
District 9500 has a wonderful resource which explains the process along with helpfull videos. The steps 1-5 relate to D9500 so please contact Peter Maas for booking and not D9500.  
The link is https://rotary9500.org/sitepage/zoom-communications-support  D9500 webmaster Graham Fussen is a wealth of information relating to all thing Zoom.
There are several other online methods including facebook online and Skype.

District Assembly 3rd May - Postponed

cid:1709e043dc74cd34f0f1The District 9510 Training team is committed to providing  Rotary leaders the knowledge and skills they need to lead their clubs and district with passion and confidence.
As you are all aware, we are experiencing unprecedented times with the COVID-19 coronavirus, requiring governments and other organisations to take drastic actions. Given the Prime Minister has announced that the Federal Government is advising Australians Non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people have been banned as the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic,  it has been decided that the 9510 District Assembly on Sunday 3rd May 2020 will be postponed to a later date to be determined.

DG Makes Presentations

At the last meeting of the D9520 Conference Committee, DG Tim made a number of presentations.
This was due to the Conference being cancelled and there not being an opportunity to make these presentations at the Conference.
Rob Cooper (Mt Barker) is presented a PFH with Sapphire
Penni Hamilton-Smith (Mt Barker) is presented a PHF with a second Sapphire
Robin LeGallez (Murray Bridge) is presented a PHF with a third Sapphire
Bronwyn Klar is presented with a PHF

Rotary & the Regency Community Men’s Shed supporting Wild Life recovery

Rotary District 9500 Disaster Recovery Fund has provided the funds for the Regency Community Men’s Shed to construct 100 bird boxes to support the Cudlee Creek and Kangaro Island areas ravaged by recent bushires.

Rotary Governor, Jane Owens, "said she was pleased that Rotary was able to assist communities in all phases of rcovery. The importance of this environmental and sustainable project cannot be overstated."
Fires have decimated large areas of the native vegetation. Loss of habitat has had a massive impact on native animals, we can make a difference by providing a range of native birds and animals with shelter.

The boxes are built to designs specifically developed for the Crimson Rosella, the Pardalote, Micro Bat and the Kookaburra, which are located in these areas.
The Shed is located at 540 Regency Road, Enfield and is part of a national association with the objective of advancing well-being and health. It was opened on 8th February and has been equipped to facilitate a range of projects.

This was the first of many significant and worthwhile projects planned by the members”, Chairman, Norm Ogier, said. “It has enabled us to use the skills of our members and to develop 
processes essential to the growth of the organization”.
New members are welcome, please visit us on Monday to Thursday mornings we are open between 9-12 am.


All of our lives are being affected by Covid-19 in some way, but those living in refugee camps or in makeshift settlements are particularly vulnerable.
We live in strange and challenging times. The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting everyone to some degree. Rightly, our priority is the health of our staff, volunteers and supporters. We encourage everyone to follow directives from government sources, stay safe and healthy.
Here in Australia, we are lucky: we are well-resourced and have a wolrd-class health system; we are able to self-quarantine at home and care for ourselves and each other. But for people who are already homeless due to conflict or disaster and no access to healthcare, Corona virus is a new and deadly threat.
How can we help? Tents and shelter are now more important than ever to help people isolate themselves when they have lost their homes and help to limit the spread of Coronavirus. ShelterBox remains committed to reaching the most remote communities and to support them to get through thie current outbreak. 
Much of our protracted work is largely unaffected in the short-term: our work continues in Syria and Somaliland and upcoming projects in Cameroon and Ethiopia remain on course. Travel restrictions may affect our ability to respond to sudden-onset disasters, but we have aid strategically pre-positioned and our deployable roles are set-up to work remotely.
So, challenging times ahead; but as a disaster relief agency, we are determined to maintain and protect our ability to respond. 
This month's quote comes from Jimi Hendrix, ""Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean." 
Many thanks for your support
Mike Greenslade
CEO ShelterBox Australia
0459 959 501 


The Rotary district governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary He or she is the single officer of Rotary International in the geographic area called a Rotary district, which usually includes numerous Rotary clubs. The district governors, who have been extensively trained at the worldwide International Assembly, provide the "quality control" for the thousands of Rotary clubs of the world. They are responsible for maintaining high performance within the clubs of their district.
The district governor, who must make an official visit to each club in the district, is never regarded as an "inspector general." Rather, he or she visits as a helpful and friendly adviser to the club officers, as a useful counsellor to further the Object of Rotary among the clubs of the district, and as a catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary
The district governor is a very experienced Rotarian who generously devotes a year to the volunteer task of leadership. The governor has a wealth of knowledge about current Rotary programs, purposes, policies and goals and is a person of recognised high standing in his or her profession, community and Rotary club. The governor must supervise the organisation of new clubs and strengthen existing ones. He or she performs a host of specific duties to assure that the quality of Rotary does not falter in the district and is responsible to promote and implement all programs and activities of the Rotary International president and the RI Board of Directors. The governor plans and directs a district conference and other special events.
From the Rotary Club of Broken Hill Bulletin


COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has been declared an international pandemic and a state public health emergency.  Rotary is committed to do its part in combatting the spread of the virus.    At Flagstaff Hill we all need to work together to protect the welfare of artists, volunteers, public visitors and members in the face of the spread of COVID-19.
Accordingly, the Rotary Club of Flagstaff Hill regrets that the Flagstaff Hill Art Show 2020 has been cancelled.
We thank all of the artists who have prepared or are preparing paintings for this year and those who have already entered.  We will be separately contacting artists who have already entered on line.
We know you will be disappointed, as are we, and look forward to you participating in the future. 
We thank our sponsors, the members and volunteers who have given many hours of their time to support this year’s show.
The Rotary Club of Flagstaff Hill appreciates your understanding and is committed to continuing serving the community. We will keep you informed of decisions about future Art Shows.
Geoff Simpson
Coordinator Flagstaff Hill Art Show 2020
119 Ridgway Drive,
Flagstaff Hill 5159
Ph 8270 2085
Mob 0405 322 085

Rotary Leadership Seminar

1.What’s it about

A grassroots Rotary development programs for members both old and new, who want to have a greater understanding of Rotary at and beyond club level; who want to explore service; and the opportunities open to them through their membership in Rotary.
The Rotary Leadership Institute is a grassroots, multi-district leadership development program whose mission is to strengthen Rotary clubs through quality leadership education.


Having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership. An effective Rotary leader must ALSO have Rotary knowledge, and a perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now, and a vision of what Rotary can be.
Members across our District who have completed the course indicate that the content and experience is relevant and valuable. It is an opportunity to meet Rotarians from across the District, broaden our understanding of Rotary as an organisation, and gain insights as to the opportunities for service and advancement in both committee and leadership roles; and the development of acquaintances both here and abroad.
Comments from our recent round of graduates:
Every Rotarian should do this, new members or old. For the older members it would introduce the changes that have happened in Rotary over time, new members gives a great insight into what Rotary is all about, teaches them confidence with so many other skills. Fabulous programme.
It is worth going to, the knowledge of the Institute instructors was well presented, and delivered in a way which was easy to understand.
It is intended to run a program in August 2020, with details to follow. Clubs are encouraged to commence identifying potential attendees now, for when registrations open.
22 – 23 February 2020 Graduates. They came together from across the District  - RCs Glenelg, St Peters, Mitcham, Blackwood, Encounter Bay, Mobilong, Murray Bridge, Campbelltown, Unley, Stirling - at the Payneham Library with a program facilitated by Fiona Biedermann, Stephany Martin, PDGs Euan Miller, Wendy Gaborit and Jerry Casburn.
Organised by Damian Leach and PDG Arthur Manser.

In a Hills first, the Rotary Club of Stirling will debut their Small Acreage Field Days event early next month.

To be at the Echunga Oval over two days, the event is intended to bring together people who live on larger areas of land traditionally dedicated to agriculture.

More than 40 exhibitors have already signed up for the event, showcasing services and equipment ranging from power generation to land and water management to animal handling.

The inaugural Small Acreage Field Days will be held on Saturday, April 4 from 10am-5pm and Sunday, April 5 from 10am-3pm at the Echunga Oval.

Consider This Before Posting Online

The 4-Way Test In An Online World
It is instructive to keep the 4-Way Test in mind when engaging in any social media or other online activity. The values inherent within this simple moral code, created by Rotarian Herbert J Taylor, in an era well before the advent of computers, stand the test of time.
Below are some simple examples of how the 4 Way Test might apply.
The 4-way test of the things we think, say or do (online):
Please feel free to consider your own examples and how you might apply the 4-Way Test to your online activities.
ls it the truth?
Verifiable facts about Rotary & Rotary projects
Reports on Club activities
Shared press releases from Rotary International
Conflicting Personal opinions
Exaggerated claims
Unverifiable statistics
ls it fair to all concerned?
Sharing good news stories about other Clubs activities
Promoting relevant causes
Self-promotion and bragging
Putting other people down
Multi-level marketing
Will it build goodwill and build better friendships?
Sharing stories with others who may benefit
Helping to connect people
Compliments & encouraging words
Liking, commenting on & reposting positive Rotary
Personal attacks
Racist, sexist & discriminatory remarks
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Online donations and sharing information on Rotary causes to friends and associates
Participate in Rotary polls or requests feedback
Support your Club, district & Rl online activities by
engaging & interacting
Personal tirades
Activities which involve
conflicts of interest
Please feel free to consider your own examples and how you might apply the 4-Way Test to your online activities.

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