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Since our last DG's Newsletter, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
Lynde Adams Mildura Deakin
Marlene Balacco St. Peters
Sherida Campbell Murray Bridge
Andrew Cass Stirling
Jack Dang Robinvale - Euston
Marcus Gehrig Somerton Park
Bruno Giorgio Morialta
Brenton Judge Unley
Suzanne McDonald Loxton
Nicola Pearsall Mitcham
Lisa Power Mildura Deakin
Angela Williams St. Peters
How to Be the Inspiration this year. President Barry Rassin has challenged clubs and Rotarians to Be the Inspiration in 2018-19. Here are a few ways you can do that.

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DG's Album June 2019

DG's Message – June DG Newsletter

With just a couple of days away from the end of this Rotary year I have been reflecting on the wonderful journey Paul and I have had this past 12 months. Paul and I have travelled across the District attending Club meetings and seeing first hand our District’s People of Action delivering program and projects that have made a real and positive difference to the lives of others.  It has been such a privilege for us to get to know our amazing group of Rotarians and their partners and we have been overwhelmed by the way in which we have been so warmly received. Paul has his own message of thanks below.
I am constantly astounded by the volume and outreach of programs and projects delivered by our Rotary Clubs and District Committees.  I am truly humbled when I think of all the people in places near and far whose lives have been changed because Rotarians from our District took the time to care and then took action.  Each and every Rotarian should feel proud of what you have achieved this year – working together to do good in the world – when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.  Many Rotarians are being recognised during this Changeover season for their contribution to Rotary and I have included photos of some of these recent presentations (CLICK FOR THE ALBUM). This recognition of course further bolsters the funds for The Rotary Foundation.
Paul asked me the other day what has been the highlight of my year – well, that’s a bit like asking which is your favourite child!  There has been a great deal to celebrate this year including the establishment of two new Interact Clubs, a new Probus Club, the return of Group Study Exchange, the rallying of Clubs behind the drought relief appeal, the huge effort for mental health research through the Ocean to the Outback Bike Ride, and of course bringing the District to my hometown of Broken Hill for our annual Conference.  And speaking of Broken Hill, last Monday evening Paul and I attended the Changeover dinner where the two Broken Hill Clubs became one.  I applaud the courage and the visionary approach of the Rotarians in Broken Hill for their decision to strengthen Rotary and its impact in their community by coming together.  They set a great example to others as we continue to work our way towards the establishment of our new District 9510.   We have also positively changed the lives of hundreds of young people through our various youth programs, and I was taken back to my own childhood this year when I was dressed as a fairy for the Victor Harbor Christmas pageant.  There are a lot of wonderful memories and many of these have been shared during the year through the Herald and the DG newsletter.  As this is my last DG Newsletter I would like to say a huge thank you to our Editor, Robin LeGallez, who has worked hard and with a great deal of patience to deliver the newsletter each month.  Robin and Rod Cooper have made for a terrific team of Editors for our District publications this year and I thank them most sincerely for their support.
I am also going to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to the members of the District Leadership Team and Rotarians on District Committees for their hard work and commitment to supporting Clubs throughout the year. And I thank all Club Presidents for their leadership and their friendship. I know that DGE Tim and Bronwyn will enjoy the same support in the coming year and I wish them every success as they embark on this remarkable experience of a lifetime.
So I go back to the question that Paul posed to me – what is my highlight?
At the beginning of this Rotary year we were all asked by RI President Barry Rassin to ‘Be the Inspiration’.  Well, you certainly answered that call!  My highlight this Rotary year is you – each and every Rotarian who has given their time, energy, talents, resources, compassion and commitment to making our world a better place for all of us. Next week when I return to my home Club of Holdfast Bay I will take with me all that I have learned from you this past year so that I can be a more productive member of my Club.  Thank you for motivating me to be a better Rotarian and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my inspiration!
From the DG’s Partner
As partner of the DG (not just a handbag) I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the Clubs in District 9520 that have not only made DG Kim welcome to the Club visits but me as well.  While I’m not a Rotarian myself, I’ve seen first hand the fabulous work Rotary is doing in the community and have made some lifelong new friends along the way.  Thanks again Rotary for including me, and I wish DG Tim and my successor Bronwyn an equally rewarding year.
Paul Harvey

Science and Engineering Challenge

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The Riverland/Murraylands Science and Engineering Challenge was held at Glossop High School this year, with Year 10 students from 6 High Schools taking part in the competition. Teams of up to 32 students from each of the schools were given a series of 8 science problems to solve with a practical model outcome. Schools involved were Glossop, Loxton, Mannum, Murray Bridge, Renmark, and Waikerie.
Examples of activities include an earthquake resistant tower, a model bridge to support a loaded carriage, designing an efficient electricity power system for a large city using multiple sources of generation, and building a model of an operational prosthetic hand. The student activities were supervised by Rotarians, and the models were given scores based upon performance capability.
The purpose of the Science and Engineering Challenge project is to show students some aspects of what engineers and scientists do, and so encourage students to at least consider choosing science, technology and mathematics subjects as a basis for possible later fulfilling careers in Science, Medicine, Technology, and Engineering enterprises in our national economy.
Local service clubs of Rotary and Lions provided significant sponsorship for this national project which is organised annually through the University of Newcastle. Each year the project involves about 24,000 students drawn from 800 schools.
Glossop High School students are the winners for this year’s S&E Challenge in the Riverland, and they will later take part in a State Competition against winning schools from other regions.
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Story and photos from Rotarian Sam Cozens, 0429 145 532, Science and Engineering Challenge Coordinator.

The 2019 Music Awards
The Rotary Club of St Peters

The Rotary Club of St Peters presented the 2019 Music Awards at The Forge Theatre Marryatville on Tuesday 11 June.    The best of the senior students from 8 of the senior schools displayed their musical talents to the audience of about 180 people.     The Master of Ceremonies Arthur Manser welcomed  all to the concert with a special welcome to District Governor Kym Harvey and District Governor Elect Tim Klar.   The evening culminated with an outstanding medley by the Marryatville High School Concert Band followed by a generous supper.
The Marryatville High School Concert Band
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Natsumi Oda

Newsletter Readers please allow me to introduce Rotary Foundation Global Scholar Natsumi Oda.
Last Friday, Elizabeth and I enjoyed the opportunity to share some time with this delightful young lady who is in South Australia to study at Flinders University in a Post Graduate Course of Social Work.
Natsumi is very busy with her studies however she has found time to join in with the activities of her Host Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay.
President Alan Larkin reports that Natsumi brings the exuberance of youth to their Club, and she is always very keen to learn more about how Rotary promotes service to those less advantaged in our local community, and more broadly in more distant lands. Natsumi can see she will be working with groups oA picture containing person, indoor, kitchenDescription automatically generatedf people who are either disadvantaged as a result of cultural or economic reasons, or with people who live with disabilities that restrict their participation in many community activities.
A person smiling at the cameraDescription automatically generatedNatsumi’s host club in her home country of Japan is the Rotary Club of Ogaki Naka, which is part of Rotary District 2630 in Japan. Natsumi’s parents work as carers in an organisation devoted to looking after people with disabilities.
Natsumi plays basketball, is very interested in Japanese traditional dance, and she spends time working on her A group of people posing for the cameraDescription automatically generatedcalligraphy skills. She has already made contact with the Japanese Association of SA, and takes an active part in their program. She has also formed a connection with the SA School for Vision Impaired, and works with the students at this school. Next Semester Natsumi will spend some time at Clovelly Park Primary School as part of the University Course, working with students who need extra support with their learning. Natsumi will be attending the District Changeover as Guest of outgoing DG Kim Harvey, so take time to say hello.
Story by Sam Cozens, Global Scholarship Coordinator for District 9520.


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GSE Team Leader Report

In September I was selected to lead a Group Study Team to D6040.
Back row Kally Hooper, Arthur Manser, Rose Le
Sitting Amber Shreeve & Stacey Andary
The team was:
Amber Shreeve a Police Officer. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay
Kally Hooper a nurse. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Seaford.
Rose Le a business development manager. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Unley.
Stacey Andary an alternative learning teacher. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay.
I was sponsored by the Rotary Club of St Peters

District 6040 is in the centre of the United States known as the mid-west.
During our stay, 2 days a week were used as vocational days, where the team each went and visited similar places of employment to their work.
On other days we visited places together, including the Harry S Truman University, where 70 dental students each have a work station with a mannequin that has removable teeth that the students can work on and if they make a mistake, they can remove their mistake and replace the tooth.
I had a chance to spend time with Past R I President Ray Klinginsmith and at the end, he presented me with a tie from his year as R I President.
We had several radio and television interviews and newspaper stories where Rotary G S E was always mentioned.
Throughout our stay we moved from host to host and club to club. I had 11 host families during that time and they all opened their doors, hearts and their fridges to us. We moved in as strangers and moved out as lifelong friends
 We were taken to an ice hockey game and two Kansas City Royals baseball games, and just on baseball each team played 180 games last year. One player just re signed until 2030 for $150 million. That’s more them the total AFL budget.
One of my other highlights was during the last week of our stay, when we went on the Shoes for Orphan soul caravan. Its been going for 18 years where Rotary Clubs and Rotarians give new shoes for under privileged young people and they also give shoes to young people in their own district, this year they collected over 18,000 pairs of shoes, laces and over $12,000 in donations.
We visited Club 13, the 13th Rotary club to be Chartered even before the Rotary Foundation. It has its own foundation worth over $6 million, it also has a Rotary Youth Camp used weekly by schools and other groups. The camp will be celebrating 100 years soon and they are spending over $1 million on upgrading the facility. Many of its member have 3 rubies on the Paul Harris badges.
At one of my host families I saw a squirrel outside the window  so I went outside to take its photo. It ran down the street with me following. Once I had my photo I turned to go back inside, only then did I find that the 20 apartments all looked the same. I thought I didn’t walk far so I walked back a couple of apartments and walked into what I thought was my new hosts. When I walked in the open front door there was another family sitting at the table enjoying a beer!
All of our team are happy to talk to Rotary clubs and share their stories of this of this great Rotary program.
To end I would like to thank the District Governor, Kim Harvey and the district Group Study Exchange committee for selecting me as the leader and I would encourage everyone to apply for a team in future.
Article by PDG Arthur Manser

Zone 8 Rotary Conference

In September the Zone 8 Rotary Conference will be held in Christchurch New Zealand from 20th - 22nd September 2019.
Previously known as the Zone Institute this Zone 8 Conference is open to all Rotarians to attend and participate in.
You will be able to meet and make new friends, and learn more about the amazing work of Rotary.
This will also be an opportunity show your support for the people of Christchurch especially after the earthquake and the recent tragic events that impacted so many people.  It will be a time to see how Christchurch has been reinvigorated and what it is continuing to do after the earthquake.
The Organising Committee have done an excellent job in getting together a fantastic programme of presenters who you will find inspiring and challenging.
The breakout groups on Saturday afternoon will also be very special.
The then President of Rotary International Mark Maloney and his wife Gay will be present and Mark will be talking about his vision for the future of Rotary.
It promises to be a great weekend. I would urge you to attend, below are the links to register. By attending you are supporting not just Rotary but the people of Christchurch who have had some challenging time over the last few years.
I along with the Organising Committee look forward to welcoming you to Christchurch in September.
Kind regards,
Noel Trevaskis
Drought Relief outreach events in South Australia
Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd [RAWCS], National Farmers Federation and Channel 9 appeal raised $10 Million, however we in Rotary South Australia did not receive any funding.
At that time RAWCS had eight drought relief projects from Far North Queensland to Victoria. These projects received funding from the RAWCS, National Farmers Federation and Channel 9 appeal on 17 October 2018. RAWCS also applied in December for part of the Commonwealth Government $30M Drought Community Support Initiative.
South Australia was not included in the application because we didn’t have any registered RAWCS drought relief projects in December 2018. Part of the reason why South Australia hasn’t been included is because the Drought affected zone was declared late on 18 October2018.
We have not had confirmed from Rotary World Community Service (RAWCS) that we will receive the Grants money for financial assistance from the Australian Government’s Drought Community Support Initiative, which provides up to $3,000 to eligible farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers/contractors who are facing hardship due to the drought and live or work in one of the 22 drought declared local government areas in South Australia.
A number of Drought Relief Outreach Events in South Australia were co-ordinated by the Drought Taskforce from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities during May 2019.

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