December 2017

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The Editors

Welcome To All Members Who Have Joined This Year

The following members have joined or rejoined our District this Rotary year from 1st July to 14th December If names are missing please ask your Secretary to enter them or email Robin LeGallez for assistance.
Craig Bildstien Merbein
Jason Booth Unley
Lucietta Campestre Campbelltown
Romeo Caporaso Magill Sunrise
Samantha Carpenter Mount Barker
Nicole Casement Renmark
Grace Cassidy Robinvale - Euston
Ruth Chapman Stirling
Barry Chave Strathalbyn
Rosemary Coates Yankalilla
Stewart Cummings Victor Harbor
Max Dalrymple Somerton Park
Paul Davill Flagstaff Hill
Val Delbridge Holdfast Bay
Craig Dowling Loxton
Pamela Dron Waikerie
Maria English Mount Barker
Maria Galatsanos Unley
Satish Gupta Holdfast Bay
Bianca Halliday Renmark
Rhonda Hoare Unley
Vera Holt Unley
David Holtham Mount Barker
Robyn Holtham Seaford Rotary
Linda Howsam Campbelltown
Barry Hurst Mitcham
Kathryn Johncock Tailem Bend
Satish Kancherla Goolwa
Annette Kennedy Robinvale - Euston
Deborah Lawrence Seaford Rotary
Chad Leader Unley
Vincent Leeton Strathalbyn
Michelle Lihou Goolwa
Wendy Lippett St. Peters
Georgia Livingston Goolwa
Neville Marks Renmark
Joy Matschoss Waikerie

December is Disease Prevention & Treatment Month


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James McKay Robinvale - Euston
Damien Mercurio Campbelltown
Ashleigh Miller Yankalilla
Tracy Miller Yankalilla
Karen Mitchell Goolwa
Ian Moffatt Encounter Bay
Michael Moran Blakiston
Heather Muirhead Murray Bridge
Joanna Mulvey Berri
Neetan Neetan Edwardstown
Alan Nelson Noarlunga
Tony Nicholls Edwardstown
Liberty Olds Kent Town
Marcus Palmer Edwardstown
Julia Parini Seaford Rotary
Lyn Pomery Hyde Park Rotary
Catherine Power Seaford Rotary
Keith Preston Edwardstown
John Scali Norwood
Darren Schwartzkopff Renmark
Karen Smagala Encounter Bay
Henry Stendara Waikerie
Meredith Stock Glenelg
Paul Taylor Victor Harbor
Amanda Thomas Campbelltown
Jan Vade Holdfast Bay
Emma Wasfi Seaford Rotary
Robert Weetman Seaford Rotary
Garry Wilson Murray Bridge



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District Governor 2020 – 2021

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in an Exciting Leadership Role
As Rotarians we belong to a well-known and highly respected international service organisation. To further strengthen and improve Rotary’s effectiveness, it was recently decided to merge Districts 9500 and 9520 into one District to be called District 9510 from 1st July 2020. The new District will be represented by over 2,000 Rotarians in 94 Clubs, covering the majority of South Australia and parts of the Northern Territory (Alice Springs), New South Wales and Victoria. As a result, an exciting opportunity now exists for a suitably qualified and enthusiastic Rotarian from either District to undertake the role of District Governor for 2020-21 and lead the new District into a challenging and rewarding era in Rotary’s proud history. If this is you, applications are now open and will close at midnight on 17th February 2018. Visit the District website for more information CLICK HERE
Rotary Club of Mt Barker 2nd December
This month our DG has been out and about visiting many Clubs and functions. 
Out and About
The Mazda Rotary Polio Ute has been seen throughout the District advertising to local communities the End Polio Now Campaign and Rotary. In the past month the Ute has been seen at
  • Blackwood Annual Christmas Fair Sunday 19 November 2017, display
  • Norwood Christmas Pageant Saturday 25 November 2017, towing trailer
  • Blackwood Christmas Pageant, Friday 1 December
  • Mt Barker Christmas Pageant, Saturday 2 December 2017, towing float
  • Victor Harbor Christmas Pageant, Saturday 9 December 2017, towing float
  • Goolwa Christmas Pageant, Sunday 10 December 2017, towing float
  • Tailem Bend Christmas Pageant, Saturday 16 December 2017.

Rotary Members Fascinated By World-Class Food Processor In Their Own Backyard                                                                                                 

On Tuesday 31 October, 28 members and guests of the Rotary Club of Irymple made a change to their weekly meeting program to participate in an industry visit to Lamattina Beverages.  Members met in the carpark at Irymple to carpool the 18 kilometres out to the food processing facility in Koorlong. There was some consternation among members that the organiser knew where she was taking them as it was ‘out in the sticks’.
Lamattina’s is one of the country's biggest carrot growers and juices them for the export market.
The Lamattina family grow about 65,000 tons of fresh carrots each year in Victoria.
Seconds are turned into concentrate for export. Five metric ton of raw carrot, is evaporated down to one ton of concentrate. The extracted water is sold as bottled water -AquaBotanical and is stocked by up-market restaurants around the country.  
Contact Wendy Gaborit for more information. Email 
Please find attached Rotary Calperum News for Summer 2017, prepared by Rodger Hedley.
To download and read the Newsletter CLICK HERE

Be a model for Rotary.

PP Daniel Hart from the Rotary Club of Mobilong is a model for Rotary.
Daniel leads his club to find and recognize outstanding employees in the local business community. Using criteria from the “Pride of Workmanship Awards” program, local business managers are personally invited to nominate one or more of their employees who make an exemplary contribution to the success of the business enterprise. In due course the Club receives nominations made by the business managers, and an Award Ceremony is conducted during a Club Meeting.
Apart from the recognition of outstanding individuals in our community, the presentation of awards is an excellent opportunity to network with local business leaders and invite potential new members into the Club.
This program receives promotion to the wider community through press releases in the local paper, bringing the work of Rotary to the attention of many.
Use this link to find out more about this project, which you could have in your Club:

District Supports Rotary Foundation

Foundation Christmas News
As District chair for the Foundation I would like to advise clubs of some recent decisions from your DG and the Foundation committee.
Each year we get 50% of the funds raised three years prior.  This money is then split 50/50 to provide District Grants and District Designated Funds (DDF) to provide finance to support international grants, global, etc.  Over recent years the surplus in the latter has grown as we have not had enough global grant applications to fund.  Those we have had, have either been funded or we have made provision to support expected applications.  This has left a surplus and the decision was made to support some national and international programmes.
The DDF International Funding has had the following amounts allocated to the named programmes:
US$10,000 to go to an Australian (Rotarians Against Malaria) led project to  eliminate malaria in Timor Leste.
US$5,000 to go to the Sam Owori Memorial Fund (Sam died in his year as RI President Elect)  this money goes to “End Polio Now”
US$15,000 to go to “End Polio Now”
This will still retain a balance to fund any global grant applications which may surface over the balance of the current Rotary year.  For further information, if needed, contact me.
Jerry Casburn
Telephone   Home       08 8295 8227
                  Mobile      0407 646 396

RYLA 2017 Huge Success

All good things must come to an end, and RYLA 2017 has been no exception. RYLA 2017 was held at Nunyara Conference Centre 23 to 29 September with 41 awardees taking part in the seminar. During the week, they found themselves learning skills in public speaking, how to influence people, the different types of leadership and how to make a good first impression. On top of this they learnt how to manage time, self-care and communicate effectively with others.

Edwardstown Turns a "Sod"

On November 12th, the Rotary Club of Edwardstown was delighted to be part of the “turning of the first sod” at the Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playground. The playground located in Parkholme, is the first of it’s kind in South Australia, specifically designed to allow children of all abilities to play side by side. It will include elements for a broad range of disabilities, including those children who have mobility issues, vision /hearing impairments and spectrum disorders such as autism.
The playground is an initiative of the City of Marion, the South Australian Government and the Touched by Olivia Foundation. The RC Edwardstown had been interested in the project since the early stages of planning, following the success of its involvement with the City of Marion, in the construction of the Jervois St playground in South Plympton in 2016.
In July 2017 the Club donated $10,000 for the installation of a drinking fountain and the planting of advanced citrus trees in the sensory garden – the Club members will be involved in the planting, in line with Rotary President, Ian Riseley’s challenge for all Rotarians to plant a tree in the 2017/18 year. The Club was also successful in gaining a District Grant for a further $4,000 towards the project.
Club President, Anne Ducray assisted the Mayor of Marion, Kris Hanna, the SA Minister for Disabilities Katrine Hildyard, along with Bec Ho and Quentin Kenihan representing the Touched by Olivia Foundation in the “turning of the first sod”. Several Club members attended the ceremony and were treated to a sausage sizzle after the formalities were over.
Federal MP for Boothby, Nicolle Flint congratulated the Rotary Club of Edwardstown for its involvement in the ground-breaking work of establishing something that is the first of its kind in South Australia. She also made special mention of “the amazing volunteers like Don (Williams), Lyle (Strachan) and Anne (Ducray)” 

Rotary Club of Seaford Turns 1!

The Rotary Club of Seaford, South Australia’s newest Rotary club has just celebrated its first birthday. Chartering in November 2016 with 21 members, the club inducted its 28th member Julia Parini at a birthday celebration in Moana on Sunday, November 26th.

Holdfast Bay - Cup Winners!

On the 6th November The RC of Holdfast Bay held the annual pre-Melbourne Cup Dinner.  Judy Shipp hosted the event and kept the members on their  toes with quiz questions, and charades.  The race caller, Gary did not predict the winner this year in his race call.
The evening was a time for the members to dress up in their best outfits. Judy Hoban was awarded the prize for the best outfit.  The night was enjoyed by everyone.

Midwives For PNG


Six Monthly Membership Review

Goolwa wins the membership growth rate so far this year.
November was not such a good month for the district.   We dropped from 2nd equal to 6th in Australia because clubs lost more members than they gained. 
Club membership growth can never be a one month wonder.  We must work at it week by week, month by month seeking out people to invite to join our clubs.
Despite the disappointing news, we have a lot to celebrate.   Goolwa was the outstanding winner in Nov.  Well done President Diana and Membership Director Nanette.  The club has achieved a 22% growth in membership so far this year. Edwardstown, Noarlunga and Seaford were not far behind with 17% growth each since July.
22 clubs showed growth over the first five months and I congratulate all of them.  However this is not even half the clubs in our district that are growing. 
We have 18 clubs that are standing still with the same numbers in Nov as they had in July.  If you stand still with membership it inevitably means you will lose members by next June.  These are warning signs that the club is in a bit of a rut and is not appearing attractive to potential members.  Five of them have actively sought help from the Membership committee and I am confident we are getting them to grow again.
However worse still we have 10 clubs that have gone backwards in the first five months of the year – one seriously so losing 17% of its membership since July.  Three of these have again sought district help and we are confident we can reverse the trend with them.
Remember we have a District Membership committee with Rotarians with experience and skills on growing membership.  They are ever ready to help your club grow.  If you feel you can’t grow the club by yourselves please ask for help.
Euan Miller
9520 Membership Chair

Victor Christmas Pageant

The club decided to put in a float at this year's Victor Harbor Pageant. Members David Jenkins, Malcolm and Jenny Haythorpe and Ron Parker designed and built the float. The float won an innovation Award. It was then used in the Goolwa Christmas Pageant  the next day. The clubs plans to use the float in pageants in the future.
We would like to thank DG Bob for allowing us to use the Polio Ute to tow the float.
David Elliott
Rotary Club of Victor Harbor

Tailem Bend is Hands On

Our best laid plans went awry when our fight was delayed from leaving for over 2 hours in Adelaide and we missed our connecting flight through to Phnom Penh ......  but every cloud has a silver lining - we had a bonus night in Singapore, all covered by Singapore airlines.  And we made the most of exploring the marina on a beautiful night.
We did not have time to see the Kiling Fields, but the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was very moving and set the scene for the week ahead giving us a better understanding of why Cambodia is still working to catch up after the horrors of the Khmer Rouge on 20 years ago.
Most importantly we still managed to fit 2 hands to a double amputee that Sally had organised us to meet while in Phnom Penh. It was the perfect tonic after seeing the Genocide Museum to be able to do something positive and help this lovely man who is a teacher in his community school near Kampot. He had lost his two hands at the age of 7, due to a small landmine.
We had Breakfast at Daughters of Cambodia which is an organisation mentoring and training girls and boys to move out of the sex trade and then we were headed for the airport to fly to Siem Reap. We managed to fit in quite a bit in just 24 hours.
Was so lovely to be greeted by the Hands on Project team when we reached our accommodation in Siem Reap and to have dinner with them to celebrate another really successful hand fitting trip.
We were up before dawn this morning to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat and visit other temples that are such an iconic part of Cambodia’s heritage.
Courtesy Tailem Bend Rotary Bulletin


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