August 2017

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Magic Moments from District Changeover

The official transfer of District 9520 leadership from Sam Camporeale to Bob Cooper took place at the Belair Country Club.
Immediately prior to the changeover ceremony Bob could not be found, leading to some speculation that he had done a runner. But no, what is that distant sound of thunder rolling across the valley, shimmering the sparkling raindrops on the verdant greenery of the Golf Club grounds. Now the stirring sound of an approaching lone Piper, calling for an assembly of the Cooper Clan, as the waiting guests anxiously wonder in anticipation as to what might happen next.
The shrill call of the bagpipes was now in the room accompanied by the flash of tartan colour, heralding Bob and Marilyn to join with their family and guests.
With Bob and Marilyn duly installed we now have the commitment to ensuring that Rotary does indeed continue to make a difference in our world.
Proceeding as usual is now under intense scrutiny.
Difference requires different approaches.
Are we engaged in promoting the differences that Rotary anticipates?
The bagpipes are still echoing the call for us all to make a difference.
Story and photos Rotarian Sam Cozens

DG's August Report

Club Change over functions a have been really enjoyable and we tried to have a District representative at each one. They are all different, however the induction of the President and their Board was very respectful. To all of the incoming Presidents and Club officers, thank you for taking the role of leading your Clubs into the Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s Theme this year of Rotary: Making a Difference. Many PHF’s were awarded to people in recognition of their service to the Community and Rotary. I attended Changeover functions for the following Rotary Clubs. Somerton Park, Coromandel Valley, St Peters, Waikerie, Hallett Cove, Renmark, Kent Town, Loxton, Campbelltown, Goolwa, Blackwood, Burnside, Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor, Mobilong, District 9500, Holdfast Bay, Brownhill Creek, Glenelg, Merbein, Mt Barker, Tailem Bend, Noarlunga and Seaford. The Changeover functions celebrated our Rotary clubs making a difference to our Local Communities and International Communities.

Presentations & Inductions

Presenting the Major Donor Crystal, Pin and Pendant of recognition to Peter and Roslyn Griffiths for Rotary Club of Hyde Park.
The District Governor visits have been going really well with everyone being warm and welcoming wherever I have been. With all clubs Boards meeting full of enthusiasm for the  coming year. It’s amazing how many projects clubs are doing and how clubs raise funds to achieve these projects for doing good in the world.
The DG visits so far have been Edwardstown, Blakiston, Yankalilla, Mount Barker Unley, Morialta, Holdfast Bay, Noarlunga East Victor Harbor, Encounter Bay, Goolwa, Magill Sunrise, Kent Town Norwood, Noarlunga, Campbelltown, St Peters, Eastwood, Hyde Park, Stirling Blackwood, and Onkaparinga.
Some of the highlights are the induction of a new member at Unley, Rhonda Hoare, Presentation of a PHF Sapphire award to Peter Rugless from Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay, the induction of Paul Taylor into the membership of Rotary Club of Victor Harbor, the Presentation of a PHF Sapphire award to Roger Shelden from Rotary Club of Goolwa, presentation of PHF Sapphire award to Mark Thompson from Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise. Presenting PHF ‘s to Mary Lynch and Bryan Schell on behalf of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown, induction of new member Wendy Lippett into Rotary Club of St Peters.
I was fortunate enough to participate in the following inductions and Paul Harris Fellow awards at the Changeover functions; Presentation of two PHF awards to Kevin Casement and Wayne Woosnam the induction of two new members Darren Schwartzkopff and Neville Marks at Renmark, At Kent Town member Liberty Olds, presentation of the PHF award to Daryl Blythman at Loxton. At Goolwa Presentation of three PHF awards to Glenis Blackney, Greg Casson, Nanette Davis and PHF Sapphire award to Ron Hann. At Blackwood Presentation of a PHF award to Bruce Cole and PHF Sapphire award to Sue Wymond. At Burnside presentation of two PHF awards to Mira Marchi and Dave Harrison and PHF Sapphire awards to Peter Fowler and myself At Encounter Bay Presentation of three PHF awards to community members Mike and Sam Ryan and Beth Kennett and two PHF Sapphire awards to Ken Buckley and Mike Kelly. At Victor Harbor Presentation of a PHF award to Rob and PHF Sapphire award to David Jenkins. Presentation of a PHF award to Elizabeth Minge at Mobilong. At 9500 Changeover luncheon Presentation of PHF Ruby award to PDG Marie Dorrington and PHF Sapphire awards to Jeff Cluse, Lynne Layng and Graham Fussen. Presentation of two PHF awards to community members Dorothy Towler from Foodbank and Brenda McCulloch from Hutt Street and double PHF Sapphire award to Richard Campbell. At Glenelg the induction of Meredith Stock and presentation of three PHF Sapphire awards to Tony Colliver, Wayne Dyson and Wayne Sachs. At Mt Barker presentation of the PHF Sapphire award to Brian Voumard. At the District 9520 luncheon Helen Gooley from Mitcham and Joseph Masika from Edwardstown. At Noarlunga the presentation of PHF award to partner Lila Newman. At Seaford the induction of new members, Robyn Holtham and Emma Wasfi and the presentation of PHF Sapphire awards to Rob Weetman and Mark Huddleston. At Stirling i was part of the presentation of a PHF Double Sapphire award to John Stoddard
Please note that these are the presentations made whilst i was present. Congratulations to all recipients of awards made this year. Welcome to all new members across our District. i look forward to meeting you and hearing your Rotary story.

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Tailem Bend Music Hall Success

Our 36th production of Music Hall has once again been an outstanding success. Approximately 100 people from our community come together in May to put on 4 performances in August each year. This is our Club’s biggest fundraiser for the year with monies raised going back into the community via Grants which organisations can apply for twice/year.  Clubs & charities that sell tickets receive part proceeds from each ticket sold. Proceeds from the raffles each night will be used for our international project “Hands on Project”.
Thank you to all involved in making this a “Magical” event.
Leeann Jones
President, Tailem Bend

Membership and New Club Development Month

While membership development is the responsibility of all Rotary members all year long, August has been designated as a month to celebrate Rotary’s greatest asset — you.
Don’t miss out on the many valuable resources that are available for prospective and current members. Using these tools allows clubs to improve their members’ experience so that more prospective members join and more current members stay.  For more information - CLICK HERE...


The 2017 Science and Engineering Challenge was held at Waikerie High School on Tuesday 4th July, with 150 Year 9 and Year 10 students from Loxton, Renmark, Glossop, Mannum, Murray Bridge and Waikerie taking part in this exciting competition.
The purpose of this project is to encourage Year 9 and Year 10 students to seriously think about the future career prospects available for those who undertake studies in Science, Mathematics and Technology subjects at Senior School level and later at TAFE or University. We currently are in urgent need of skilled scientists, mathematicians and engineers in our national economy. We have many capable students in our schools who could be encouraged to enter the exciting world of technology.
Over 20 Rotarians assisted with the setup of apparatus, supervision and scoring of the 8 challenge activities, and provided the catering for visiting teachers and supervisors.
These students from Renmark are enjoying the challenge of problem solving.
Good media coverage through the regional newspapers ensured local communities know about the involvement of Rotarians in local projects.
This important curriculum project in the Riverland relies upon the generosity with money and time participation from Rotarians in Loxton, Berri, Renmark, Waikerie and Murray Bridge, and the Lion’s Club of Mannum.
Waikerie High School students emerged as winners on the day, and they will take part in the State Super Challenge to be held at the Titanium Security Arena on Wednesday 30th August, against 7 other qualifiers around the State.
Photos and story by Rotarian Sam Cozens

District Governor's Visits

The District Governor's Club visits are well underway and Bob has already visited 20 Clubs.  In September, his Club Visit itinerary is:
Monday, September 11th
South Mildura                   
Tuesday, September 12th
Wednesday,  September 13th
Mildura Deakin (Breakfast)
Wednesday, September 13th
Red Cliffs
Thursday, September 14th
Tuesday, September 19th
Robinvale Euston
Wednesday, September 20th
Thursday, September 21st
Monday, September 25th
McLaren Vale
Tuesday, September 26th
Somerton Park (Breakfast)
Tuesday, September 26th
Hallett Cove
Wednesday, September 27th
RYLA 2017
Nunyara Conference Centre
September 23rd 2017 - September 29th 2017
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Graduation Dinner
September 28th 2017 - 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Marche Club, Darley Road, Paradise
Any queries - contact Stephany Martin on 0439 572 495
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