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Since our last DG's Newsletter, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
Margaret Borbasi Edwardstown
John Dubberley St. Peters
Lynne Gibson Yankalilla
Courtney Holbourn Yankalilla
Malcolm Horton Stirling
Norm King Renmark
Leonie Leahy Yankalilla
Michelle Lesiw Stirling
Andrew Lloyd Yankalilla
Lesley Miller Yankalilla
Allison Muir Victor Harbor
Vivek Pinto Victor Harbor
Ian Rowley Tonsley
Kinga Somogyi Yankalilla
Pamela Stagg Renmark

DG Tim's August Notes

Well it is August and August is “Membership and New Club Development Month”.
I am pleased to announce that in the first 7 weeks of this Rotary year we have recorded a net increase of 8 new members to bring us to 1218 for the district.
However only 50 of these are under 50 years old,262 are between 50 and 60 and 593 are over 60. 498 do not have an age recorded but it would appear that most of these would be in the last category. We need to encourage younger age groups to connect with us to increase our impact and how we can serve the community
On 18 August the district conducted a public image and membership seminar and invited Rotarians from district 9500 to attend as well. DGE Andy Rajapakse from D9640 was our keynote in a line-up of speakers designed to inspire and encourage clubs to use public image as a tool for selling what we do, how we do it and getting people to join us in doing it.
We had 80 registrants for the Seminar and others joined in on line via Zoom from some of the country clubs. Well done to the training team and presenters. A big thank you to Robin Legallez and Graham Fussen for the Audio visual and online support.
Bronwyn & I are well into our visits to the clubs and I have been emphasising the message about the use of technology, social media and public image as essential tools of Rotary clubs to spread the word.
Rotary Central has a number of resources in the learning centre to help clubs and club officers in their roles that help develop membership. Probably undertaking a Rotary club health check plus the Building a diverse club learning centre course is a good place to start. There are numerous other resources available including Representing your community's professions and Connect with prospective members as places to commence your membership efforts. A net increase of membership, a net increase in female membership and a net increase in membership of members under 40 are all ways that count to achieving the Rotary citation and these should have entered in your club’s goals for the year.
 As I visit the clubs we have to emphasise that the world today is not the same as when Rotary was founded in 1905.
Demographics have shifted, the pace of change has accelerated, and technology has created new opportunities for connection and service. But what hasn't changed is need for the values that define Rotary and our vision of what we do. These core values that guided us in the past and will serve in the future are Fellowship, integrity, diversity, service and leadership.
By honouring our past and embracing our future we can evolve and keep Rotary not only relevant but thriving. These are the challenges we are facing, and the time is right to move forward and realise a new vision that brings people together, increases our impact and creates lasting change around the world.
At a recent Yankalilla meeting, four new members were inducted.

Meet Your Membership Chair

I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Fiona Biedermann and I’m the new membership chair for District 9520, stepping into Euan’s big and mighty shoes for the coming Rotary year.
To be clear before you read any further - I’m not here to change what your club does or who you are. What I am here to do, is support you in doing more of what you already do well and building on those strengths to grow your clubs and the people you can reach.
Last year I was president of the Rotary Club of Seaford and I have a work background in project management and change management, as well as transformational coaching. What that basically means is my day to day job is working with businesses on big projects and helping them engage their people and take them along on the journey.
I’d say I’ve gathered some valuable insights about people and behaviours over my years working with transformational projects and I have a great deal of knowledge and understanding to share with all of you in the coming year as we find better ways to drive membership and discover ways to engage with your current members.
My strengths lie in connecting people, inspiring them to do great things and giving them the tools and resources to be even more awesome at what they do. 
Over the coming months I would love to hear from all of you about how I can support you in your roles and assist you in growing your clubs.
In the meantime, here a couple of items to start with to help support your club. 
1) There’s some great resources on My Rotary via this link, which you may or may not already have looked at (you may also need to log in or create an account)
To access the resources:
- Type My Rotary into google search, or go to https://my.rotary.org/en
- Type in your user name and password, or set up a new account
               - The email address you have given Rotary as a contact is your user name
- When logged in go to:
               Learning & Reference > Learn by topic > Membership 
2) I’m also sharing membership tips via the 9520 District Facebook page on a weekly basis, these are little snippets of information to help improve engagement with your members. Follow the page to be sure you see these tips, there’s also plenty of other valuable info shared on this page.
3) I’m also available to visit your club, run workshops with you or work with your Board or Committee, or simply chat with you via phone or email about what your club needs and how we as a District can support you.
My contact details are below, however please note I work full time - so the best way to initially contact me is via email and then I can call you back if that’s your preference for contact.
My message to you in your role for the coming year is that you are not alone and we have a wealth of support and resources to assist you. You just have to reach out and ask for assistance. 
I’m also seeking inspiring people in our district who are interested in being a part of my membership committee and helping make a difference. Membership growth is not a one person job, so if you or someone in your club is a likely person then please get in touch with me. I’ll be aiming to have a first catch up meeting in September.
Cheers, Fiona

Solar Saves Lives

Rotary Clubs of St Peters, Norwood and Freetown (Sierra Leone)
Solar Panel Project
Lungi Hospital, Sierra Leone.
In September of 2018 we had a guest speaker address our club, Ms Emily Young.
Emily is a paediatric care nurse who has worked both in Australia and overseas in developing countries both as a nurse and a trainer to local nursing staff.
Emily spoke to us of the plight of infant children in one particular hospital in Lungi, Sierra Leone.
These children require oxygen which comes from electrically powered Oxygen generating equipment. The issue in Sierra Leone is that the electricity supply is by no means reliable. The hospital has a generator but when they can afford the fuel for it the fuel is often stolen.
Emily and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK) devised a plan to ensure an electrical supply for these Oxygen generators using a Solar Panel and Battery set up. They provided quotes for the system fully installed and we thought hey what a great project.
The rest, after many emails and a bit of organisation, is history. We can now proudly say that the system is installed, it works and is helping to save children’s lives.
We received a letter from Rotarian Alpha of the Rotary Club of Freetown in Sierra Leone. This club did all the ground work on site and supervised the system install. His letter reads as follows,
Dear David,
I am pleased to inform that the system was fully installed about a week ago and is now in operation. One of our medical members was at the hospital last weekend. He is satisfied with the system and also helped to administer oxygen to some of the children. He is going back this weekend to prepare an independent report. The contractor is to submit a report early this week. Mr Ganda, a member of the hospital admin, is very pleased about the project and is sending a positive response from staff and patients.
We are considering to replicate this project to other hospitals. The project is a life saver.
We’ll forward all the reports soon, It is a great pleasure partnering with you.
God Bless,
Rotarian Alpha.
Rotary Club of Freetown.
With Kind regards,
David Strange
International Chair
Rotary Club of St Peters
 Oxygen Saving Young Lives
 The System Interior Installation

Public Image Seminar

The Learning and Development team hosted the Public Image Seminar on Sunday 18th August at the Thebarton Community Centre.

Wow! What a seminar! 
 Public Image Chair  Andy Rajapaske (D9640)  provided insights into the WHY of Public Image and provided an opportunity for us to gain from his successful campaigns.

Breakout sessions were held in the two spaces at the Centre.

District 9500 Public Image Chair, Graham Fussen provides an excellent outline on how to create a video and the many steps from establishing a reason to create to the final editing and posting of the video. 
PDG Wendy Gaborit outlined the need to ensure we have a consistent message and that branding needs to conform to the RI guidelines

Rajat Nagpal, our Chair for Public Image shared the 5 C's of Public Image and how to leverage different touchpoints to increase the reach for your club.

Fiona Biedermann address the concept of utilising the talent within your club to develop membership

Those unable to attend the seminar were able to utilise the Zoom Meeting  as the speakers were live streamed to several people. Due to the poor wifi at the Community Centre, there was some sessions which were not of the quality the IT team had expected. Sessions have been recorded and then edited will be made available to Clubs via the website. Thanks to Graham Fussen for providing the audio and video camera to enable the live streaming.


District 9520 Conference
The 2020 District conference registrations are now open.
Click on this link to go to the online registration page 


Once the online registration has been completed and submitted, you are NOT REGISTERED until payment has been made IN FULL!
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August Polio Update


3 Ways to Make Your Club More Inclusive

Posted on 

By Katey Halliday, Rotaract Club of Adelaide City and the Rotary Club of Adelaide Light, South Australia, Australia

Rotary recently adopted a diversity, equity, and inclusion policy that sends a strong message that we embrace inclusivity. Rotary has clubs all over the world and reaches a broad range of people with our service projects. So we are already diverse, but a second ingredient, inclusion, is the key to unlocking and maintaining the full benefits of that diversity. How inclusive is your club?

Verna Myers, founder of the Verna Myers Company and vice president of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix, has explained the difference between the two concepts as “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.”

In the context of Rotary membership, this means it is not enough to invite people from diverse backgrounds to our meetings and events. We need to include them in club planning and decision making, and value their contributions.

Below are some ideas for cultivating inclusion:

Make your club accessible

  • Do you meet in a convenient location for everyone? If not, consider meeting in more than one venue.
  • Can people find information if they are unable to attend?
  • Does the time of your meeting work for the demographic you are trying to attract? You could provide options, such as some morning and some evening meetings. Not every meeting needs to include a meal.
  • Are there any unnecessary costs that block some from attending, such as the cost of a meal? A limited menu can also create unintentional barriers for those with dietary restrictions. Also consider providing the choice of not eating at all.
  • Can you bill for fees on a monthly or quarterly basis instead of annually, for those who would manage better this way? You could set up a small premium to cover the added cost.

Give all members something meaningful to do

This requires club leaders to understand why each member is there and determine what activities would fulfill their passion and purpose for joining. It is sometimes easier to do a task yourself then delegating, but handing tasks over to someone new is a great way to include them.

Provide diversity and inclusion training

Every club can benefit from an honest discussion about these topics. I have received feedback from many members and have heard in consulting with districts that some people hesitate to join because of inappropriate comments or behavior they have experienced. Bring in a speaker or conduct a training session on any of the following topics:

  • Using inclusive language: Learn about the effects our words have on creating a culture of normalised behavior. Gendered language, for instance, is a barrier toward achieving gender equality. To achieve the goal of having women comprise 30 percent of membership and leadership by June 2023, we need to take positive action in this arena.
  • Detecting and avoiding unconscious bias and discrimination. Sometimes people can unintentionally be treated unfairly because of a personal characteristic.
  • Understanding and avoiding sexual harassment. The “me too” movement has raised awareness of sexual harassment. Bring in an expert to raise your club’s awareness of the issue and what they can do to prevent it.
  • Calling out inappropriate behavior as a bystander. David Morrison, retired Lieutenant General of the Australian Army, and current chair of Diversity Council Australia, notes “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”
  • Participate in International Women’s Day, Harmony Day, your local Pride celebrations and other days that celebrate diversity.

There are many strategies your club can employ. But for any to work, you must accept that change is vital to Rotary’s continued success. We can admire Rotary International for approving the diversity, equity, and inclusion policy. Now it’s up to members to work it down to the club level.

About the author: Katey Halliday is a past president and charter member of the Adelaide City Rotaract Club and recently joined the Rotary Club of Adelaide Light. She has also served as a team leader, coordinator, and trainer for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). She is a project officer and training facilitator in the Diversity and Inclusion Branch of the South Australia Police.

Shekhar Mehta of India selected to be 2021-22 Rotary International President

Shekhar Mehta, of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2021-22.

Shekhar Mehta, of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2021-22. He will be declared the president-nominee on 1 October if no challenging candidates have been suggested.

Mehta acknowledges that current membership trends are a challenge and says that membership development should be Rotary’s highest priority. He believes that focusing on regional plans, successfully transitioning Rotaractors into Rotary clubs, and increasing diversity and female members could yield a 5 percent net growth in membership each year.

“A major brainstorming is needed to find effective solutions suited to different areas of the world,” says Mehta. He adds that regional ethos and culture have to be taken into account to find localized solutions, as “one size does not fit all.” He believes Rotary can extend to new geographical areas and countries.

As a strong proponent of Rotary’s strategic plan, Mehta says he will encourage clubs to use action plans and reinforce the core values of Rotary.

Mehta says Rotary needs to become more contemporary and adaptable by focusing on partnerships with governments and corporations, expanding partnerships with organizations that specialize in Rotary’s areas of focus, and investing in technology.

Mehta, an accountant, is chair of the Skyline Group, a real estate development company he founded. He is also a director of Operation Eyesight Universal (India), a Canada-based organization.

Mehta has been actively involved in disaster response and is a trustee of ShelterBox, UK. After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, he helped build nearly 500 homes for families affected by the disaster.

Mehta pioneered a program that has performed more than 1,500 life-changing heart surgeries in South Asia. He is also the architect of the TEACH Program, which promotes literacy throughout India and has reached thousands of schools.

A Rotary member since 1984, Mehta has served Rotary as director, member or chair of several committees, zone coordinator, training leader, member of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers, and district governor. He is also the chair of Rotary Foundation (India).

Mehta has received Rotary’s Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Awards.

He and his wife, Rashi, are Major Donors and members of the Bequest Society.

To learn more about Mehta, read his interview and vision statement outlining his goals for Rotary.

The members of the Nominating Committee for the 2021-22 President of Rotary International are: Mikael Ahlberg, Ölands Södra, Sweden; Bernhard Baumgartner, Kitzbühel, Austria; Gerson Gonçalves, Londrina-Norte, Pr., Brazil; Serge Gouteyron, Valenciennes-Denain aérodrome, Nord, France; Mary Beth Growney Selene, Madison West Towne-Middleton, Wisconsin, USA; Allan O. Jagger, Halifax, W. Yorks., England; Masahiro Kuroda, Hachinohe South, Aomori, Japan; Hsiu-Ming (Frederick) Lin, Taipei Tungteh, Taiwan; Larry A. Lunsford (secretary), Kansas City-Plaza, Missouri, USA; Anne L. Matthews (chair), Columbia East, South Carolina, USA; Ekkehart Pandel, Bückeburg, Germany; P. T. Prabhakar, Madras Central, Tamil Nadu, India; José Antonio Salazar Cruz, Bogotá Occidente, Cund., Colombia; M.K. Panduranga Setty, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; Steven A. Snyder, Auburn, California, USA; Yoshimasa Watanabe, Kojima, Okayama, Japan; and SangKoo Yun, Sae Hanyang, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

We Need Your Stories!

The DG's Newsletter is your Club's voice to share stories with the rest of our District.
If you have completed a project which could be of interest to the District, please write a short story and include some high quality images.
Stories should be forwarded to d9520.editor@gmail.com in Word format.

Advance Notice - Expressions of Interest

cid:image004.jpg@01D4D67F.60A0D250Rotarians in Districts 9500 and 9520 will be sent an email via   ClubRunner in the next few weeks extending an opportunity to complete an Expression of Interest application for a range of positions that will be available in our new District 9510.
Amongst those positions, we are seeking two active Rotarians to fill two new positions that are integral to the success of the new structure.
The position of Deputy Governor, Resources will oversee and support a range of Resource Committees including Youth, Membership, Foundation, Partnerships (Vocational, Community, International, Local Government) Governance (Risk, Insurance, Youth Protection), Diversity and Ethics, our Digital Communications (including website, Public Image and Newsletter) and Learning and Development.
The position of Deputy Governor, Areas will support the Area Governors and coordinate communications and facilitate the support needs of clubs across the 12 Areas.
These two positions will have membership on the District Leadership Board. It is envisaged the successful appointees will work closely together to meet the needs of our clubs and be supported by the District Governor Nominee and District Governor Elect.
Whether you would like to serve on a particular Committee or nominate to be Chair of a particular Committee there will be an opportunity for you to express your desire. With a larger number of clubs to service, more Rotarian resources are required. The Expression of Interest form will allow Rotarians to record up to 3 preferences.
If you ever wanted to serve at a District level but never saw an opportunity..... this will be your chance as we prepare to move forward together.
Watch your email inbox for an invitation to participate very soon.
DGE David Jones
Our vision is to see a world where no family is without shelter after disaster.
Our teams work with disaster-hit families  around the world, offering emergency shelter and other essential items to support them in rebuilding their lives. Right now, our response teams are working in Paraguay and Bangladesh to help families affected by flooding. Through our partners, we continue to support affected families in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Syria and the Lake Chad Basin.
It's to this end that our volunteers and supporters continue to go the extra mile. I'm looking forward to joining our Larapinta Team in Alice Springs on Monday before we embark on our five-day trek. Together, we'll raise over $1,000 every kilometre we walk! Thanks to everyone who has supported their friends and family members on this journey.
Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to 'go the extra mile' to support ShelterBox. You may want to sign up for the Kangaroo Island Trek, the Kokoda Trek or, if you fancy going several extra miles, the TCS New York Marathon!
Trekking and running aren't everyone's cup of tea, so you may like to join our growing ranks of regular donors (you may already be one!). Whatever you chose to do, you can rest assured you'll be part of our global movement, working towards a world where no family goes without shelter, following disaster.
This month's quote comes from Helen Kelle, "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
Many thanks for your support
Mike Greenslade
CEO ShelterBox Australia
0459 959 501 

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