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Since our last DG's Newsletter, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
Neville Bent Broken Hill
Simon Brewer Magill Sunrise
Patricia Chigwidden Victor Harbor
Susan Dixon Encounter Bay
Alan Dodd Red Cliffs
Tracey Gates Yankalilla
Karen Green Victor Harbor
Annette Greenshields Seaford
Barbara Hayman McLaren Vale
Robyn Holcroft Magill Sunrise
Susan Irvine Seaford
Hiep Nguyen Campbelltown
Uwe Ripinskis Seaford
Robert Ware Encounter Bay
Andy Wood Goolwa
How to Be the Inspiration this year. President Barry Rassin has challenged clubs and Rotarians to Be the Inspiration in 2018-19. Here are a few ways you can do that.

DG Kim's May Update

As we approach the busy changeover season I encourage all Rotarians to take some time to reflect on the immense contribution you have made to people’s lives and communities, both near and far, during this past Rotary year. This week, May 20-26, is National Volunteer Week – a time to acknowledge the many hours of service delivered by over 6 million Australians who freely give their time in support of others.  Many Rotarians in our District are volunteers in other organisations, whether that be their religious institution, an environmental group, their children’s or grandchildren’s school, or their sporting clubs.  Do you talk to other volunteers about your Rotary experience?  If Rotarians volunteer for other causes then it makes sense that volunteers you meet in other organisations could potentially be our future members – these are people who already know the value and benefits of service and doing good in their community.  Something to ponder.  I would like to take this opportunity during National Volunteer Week to thank you for the important part you play in making our world a better place.

In this issue of the DG newsletter there is a further update on the End Polio campaign, a summary of the outcomes of the recent Council on Legislation, an entertaining wrap up from the GSE Team from District 6040, and stories from Clubs making a positive impact.  The June issue of the DG newsletter will be the last for this Rotary year so if there is a great story or project you have yet to share with us now is the time to send your article and/or photos to the Editor and you too can ‘Be the Inspiration’.

Council on Legislation Update

Letter received relating to the recent COL for your information. In particular, read the "Report of Action".
Dear Council Representatives:

Thank you for a successful 2019 Council on Legislation! We hope you enjoyed your legislative duties. While the Council on Legislation may be over, your responsibilities as a representative will continue through 30 June 2020. Here are a few items to take note of as you finish out your term.

Report of Action
I am pleased to provide you with the Report of Action.  In this report, you will find:
  • A letter from General Secretary Hewko
  • Legislation that was adopted at the Council, including amended legislation
  • Vote tallies for the adopted items
  • An Opposition to Legislation Report Form
A copy of this report is also being sent to club secretaries, governors, alternate representatives, and Rotary senior leaders. Clubs may use the opposition if they disagree with an adopted enactment or position statement. Completed forms must reach Council Services by 1 August 2019. More information about this form can be found in General Secretary Hewko’s letter.

The updated constitutional documents will be published in English by 18 June 2019, with languages to follow a few months later.  The updated Manual of Procedure will be published in English by October 2019, with languages to follow.

Optional Convention Breakout
Join us for the What Happened at the 2019 Council? breakout session during the International Convention in Hamburg, Germany. The session will take place on Monday, 3 June, from 13:30 to 14:30 in Hall B4, Room B402 and will be facilitated by our COL Chair Duane Benton and COL Trainer Brad Howard.

Attendees will be able to discuss legislation adopted at the Council and find out how to prepare for the next Council on Legislation. We encourage you and those in your district who are interested in the Council to attend!

2019 Council on Resolutions
The 2019 Council on Resolutions will take place from 15 October to 15 November 2019. As the 2017-20 Council representative, this will be the final Council on Resolutions of your term. 

Please work with your district to decide if it will submit any resolutions. Details on drafting and submitting resolutions can be found in How to Propose Resolutions (updated). Rotary must receive any proposed resolutions, along with governor confirmation, by 30 June 2019 through the online form here (confirmations may be sent by email).

If you have any questions about the report, the Council on Legislation, or the Council on Resolutions, please let us know.

Best regards,

Sarah Christensen

Council Services Supervisor
    D9520 visits D6040
The GSE Team from Adelaide, Australia enjoyed a carry-in at the Historic Bible Grove School with Rotarians from clubs in Kirksville, Schuyler and Scotland Counties. Seated in front (L to R) are GSE Team members Kally Hooper (Registered Nurse), Amber Shreeve (Police Officer), Stacey Andary (Teacher – Alternative School), Rose Le (Attorney/Data Security Start Up) and the Team Leader Arthur Manser (Retired News Agent and Former District Governor). Front row standing (L to R) are Brent Walker, Bonnie Shumacher, Diana Koontz, Laney Doster, Elsie Kigar, Abby Doster, Lisa Doster, and Linda Blessing (Schuyler County Rotary Club. Back Row (L to R) are Charlotte Stelter, Dallace Shumacher, Jim Kigar, Fred Clapp, John Dungan (Rotary Club of Kirksville), Barb Blomme, Eli Kigar, George Koontz, and Dr. Harlo Donelson.

Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from southern Australia recently spent time in Northeast Missouri. The team of five are from the Adelaide, Australia, area. Adelaide is a city of approximately 1.3 million population. Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and the fifth-most populous city of Australia.

The team is in the United States for approximately four weeks and wrapped up their trip at the Rotary District 6040 District Assembly on April 27, 2019, and will fly back to Australia this week.

The GSE Team spent a couple of weeks in the Kansas City area staying with host families from several different Rotary Clubs and then moved to the Chillicothe, MO, area before coming to the Kirksville area.

While staying with host families from several Rotary Clubs in the Kirksville area, they spent vocational days with a variety of professionals in Kirksville. Then the team moved to host families from the Scotland County Rotary club in Memphis, MO.

Host families from the Scotland County Club were Jerry and Barb Blomme, Brent Walker and Charlotte Stelter, Brad and Lisa Doster and Jim and Alisa Kigar. While in Scotland County, the team made trips to Lancaster to attended a Schuyler County Rotary Club meeting and to Edina to attend a Knox County Rotary Club meeting. The team were guests of Pam Withers on the KMEM “Coffee Break” program and helped the Scotland County Rotary Club host the April Birthday Party at the Scotland County Care Center. The team spent one afternoon at Kigar Cattle, LLC, touring the farms and feeding cows, bottle calves, and riding four-wheelers.

The team was guests of the Scotland County Rotary Club at a carry-in dinner at the Historic Bible Grove School one evening and their last night in Scotland County, the team and host families traveled to Rutledge to the Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village where they enjoyed Pizza Night at the Milkweed Mercantile.


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The positions of DG's Newsletter editor & The Herald editor are currently up for grabs.
If YOU would like more information regarding these prestige positions, please contact respective editors Robin (0408813295) or Rod (0417817792).
Call now as these roles wont last!
(We may also have a few steak knives to throw in - quantity limited)

PolioPlus Update

We continue to make progress in polio eradication
  • The  entire African continent is poised to be certified polio-free in early 2020.
  • There are three types of polio-types 1, 2 and 3.  Type 2 was certified eradicated in 2015.  Type 3 will likely be certified eradicated in early 2020.
  • To date, 18 million people who would have been paralysed or died are walking and alive because of polio eradication efforts.
We have challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • There is a pause on polio campaigns in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  In Pakistan, rumors about the vaccine’s safety were spread online and by word of mouth, ultimately leading to protests and violence.
  • In Afghanistan, the Taliban has concerns about some of the organizations that are implementing the program and there are rumors about the safety of the vaccine.
  • We have experience dealing with situations like this before and solved the problem.
    • In Nigeria: Misinformation and rumours surrounding the polio vaccine led to a nationwide boycott of vaccinations which lasted nearly 15 months
      • Through our efforts to address the issues behind vaccine hesitancy, build community trust and support for the vaccine, Nigeria has now gone almost 3 years without a case of wild polio.
    • In India: Mistrust of the vaccine and polio eradication efforts in Bihar and Utter Pradesh threatened our progress against polio.
      • The GPEI implemented a transformational community-based vaccination strategy to build community trust and completely turned the program around. India has now been polio-free for 5 years.
What is being done to counter misinformation and false rumors?
  • Social media experts working for the GPEI counter negative social media messages online with a positive educational message about polio vaccination.
  • The Government of Pakistan is calling on Facebook to take down offending posts and remove harmful and false polio-related content.
What else is being done to get the program back on track?
  • We’re working to deliver more than polio vaccines. We’re providing complementary services to address community needs (water, sanitation, nutrition, other vaccines) beyond polio eradication in the highest risk communities that are the most deprived.
  • We’re establishing new partnerships with other public health actors like Gavi to improve immunisation coverage.
  • True to the name Polio PLUS Rotary is at the forefront of providing these important complementary services so multiple needs are met beyond polio immunisations.
We are optimistic.


The  Rotary Club of St Peters meeting on 23rd April was held at our Rotary Shed at Linde Reserve. President Brian Kretschmer opened the meeting and welcomed Rotarians, partners & our guests for our Birthing Kit Assembly Meeting. Proceedings were then handed over to the Chair of the Community Services Committee, Phil Smith, whose committee had organised this event.
Phil  told the group that this was the first time that the Club had run a birthing kit assembly & was a result of a suggestion by Club members who had participated in a similar event held by the Rotary Club of Norwood last year. The plan for the evening was to assembly 400 birthing kits which would be sent to developing countries where, each year  round 300,000 women and 3 million newborns die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
The evening commenced with the viewing of a short video provided by the Birthing Kit Foundation called ‘Joan’s Storey’. This presentation gave the group an insight into how these simple kits can make a dramatic difference in the developing countries where the basic medical needs when giving birth are often not available.
After the video it was time for everyone to wash their hands, put on their gloves & move to the ‘assembly tables’. Phil explained that once everyone was ‘gloved up’ that it was very important that they only touched the birthing kit components whilst assembling the kits. Five washing points were provided  so this process was completed quite quickly.
When everyone was seated Phil explained the procedure. Our kit assembly would use a production line method utilising four teams of eight people. In preparation the four hundred birthing sheets had already been folded & inserted in their plastic bags. The small soaps, provided by Rotarian Peter Hewitt,  had been cut in half to keep their weight down. The strings had been cut & tied in groups of three.
The procedure was quite straight forward with each of the  components (soap, gloves, gauze, scalpel & string) being added along the assembly line. The package was then rolled up & inserted in the plastic bag with the birthing sheet. The air was squeezed from the bag & it was then sealed. The completed birthing kits were then packed into four boxes, each containing 100 birthing kits. It was a very tight squeeze but we did it & the boxes were then sealed.
The assembly of the kits took a little over an hour which we considered to be quite good. The assembly line method had worked well.  It was lots of fun & judging by the chatter everyone really enjoyed the event. Hands on events are a great tonic for a Rotary Club.
 In the meantime our Fellowship Chair, Greg Rogers, had been very busy. He organised a wonderful meal of piping hot pastas & salads. Our assembly tables became our dining tables with bottles of wine being produced. Everyone really enjoyed the meal.
During the proceedings our resident photographer, David Birkedale, had been busy recording the event.
At the end of the meal President Brian extended thanks to all the those involved in what had been a great night. Our guest Maxine Cavaggion was presented with our new club banner which now features the mural that was produced by Maxine & her students. It really looks great! President Brian then closed the meeting & the fellowship continued.
Phil Smith
Chair, Community Services Committee


The District Changeover is to be held on 14th July at midday.
Venue will be the Glenelg Golf Club.
DGE Tim will provide more details shortly

GSE Farewell Presentation

The recent farewell presentation by members of D6040 was recorded and attached is a transcript of the evening.
Please click the link to read a most hilarious presentation

Brownhill Creek - Zoo Picnic

On Tuesday 2 April, the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek, supported the annual Variety Easter Picnic at the Zoo, by supplying, cooking and serving sausages, onions and bread to 1535 children and 890 carers. This is the club’s largest community project in which the club has had involvement since 2008. This year, 34 members and friends of the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek cooked for, and served these very special children and their carers. The joy and excitement on the children’s faces was wonderful to see and we thank the many friends of our club who came along to support us on the day. Steve Turner, Chairperson, Variety in Action Committee, in his thank you letter to the club. said the following: “The kids smell the sausages from the moment they get off the buses, and they are always a hit. Your contribution is so generous and very much appreciated. These events would not happen without your support, so thank you again.” It was wonderful to be a part of such a great community event and a true reflection of Rotary in Action.
Supplied by Rosalie Gleeson 

The Broken Hill Rotary Clubs Drought Project

The two Rotary Clubs of Broken Hill have initiated a Drought Project to assist Pastoralists, their employees and contractors who have been adversely impacted by the drought through Far Western NSW and Eastern SA.
We have widely canvased our area and found what these people most need is to be able to come together informally and at a BBQ or the like and forget about their hardship for a few hours.
Our Clubs will be either suppling the food for these events or attending with the food and cook.
We have established a RAWCS project 73/ 2018-2019 under the umbrella of Rotary Australia Benevolent Society to obtain funds to make this possible. Rotary Clubs can contribute to the project by going online to the RAWCS website and donate to the RAWCS project 73/ 2018-2019.
This was necessary to be able to offer Tax Deductions for contributions received from the public.
As well as RAWCS funding we have made application through Rotary for funding from the Federal Government for the
Drought Communities Support Initiative (DCSI)
The Commonwealth Government has provided several charities – including the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) – with an opportunity to distribute drought relief benefits to farmers, farm workers, and farm contractors and suppliers that have been adversely impacted by drought and reside within listed Drought Declared Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Approved applicants will receive $3000, most likely by way of a gift card (debit card).
To be eligible to receive cash payments and/or vouchers the recipient of the benefit must be
· 18 years of age or older and a farmer, and
· a farm worker or farm supplier/contractor who:
1. Lives and/or works in one of the following eligible Local Government Areas: Bega Valley, Bland, Blayney, Cabonne, Carrathool, Forbes, Lachlan, Oberon, Parkes, Narrandera, the Unincorporated Far West, Broken Hill, Wentworth and Central Darling Shires &
2. Is in need of financial assistance to pay for food, petrol, utility bills or another need, or is at imminent risk of not being able to pay for these goods and services.
The benefit provided is limited to one per household to a maximum of up to $3,000.
I am of the understanding that the next round of funding that will be released in the May Budget will include South Australia.
To get the application and information out we have been able to have access two large data bases that cover the majority of our area.
Bruce James - Rotary Clubs of Broken Hill

Hamburg R.I. Convention 2019

1st - 5th June 2019
DGE Tim Klar is our RI Convention Convenor.
Contact Tim for further information

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