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Since our last DG's Newsletter, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
Jennifer Bann Seaford
Sigrid Pfaffle Norwood
Robin Williams Brownhill Creek

DG's April Report

Welcome to the April Governor's Newsletter
Hello fellow Rotarians.
 Normally at this time would we would be basking in the glow of a very successful conference. The presidents-elect will have completed their PETS training and the incoming boards of clubs will be preparing for the district assembly.
However, these are not normal times and we've had to do many things differently from the way we normally operate.
Clubs have gone into recess or are meeting online. Many of the clubs fundraising activities such as sausage sizzles, op shop's and bookshops have been suspended and this will be affecting clubs revenue. Fellowship opportunities are limited by Govt restrictions. However this is not the first time that world events have impacted on Rotary and its operations.
As I reflected on Paul Harris's birthday this week I thought of the number of trials and tribulations that Rotary International has faced over the last 115 years.
Less than 10 years after Rotary was formed, we were engulfed in the Great War and in many countries Rotary membership suffered badly. In 1919, after the war we had the impact of the Spanish influenza epidemic. Social distancing was then very common in an effort to prevent the spread of the flu. It affected Rotary.
In the late 20s and early 30s a number of dictatorships rose. We had fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Nationalist Spain, Portugal, some of the Balkan countries and Japan. The ideals of Rotary were anathema to them and Rotary was banned. The following Global war in both East and West with countries occupied and Rotary banned by these dictatorships had a significant effect on Rotary as its members were banned or, in the Allied camp, joined the armed forces. After the war, although gradually Rotary was rebuilt in Europe, the rise of Communist China and other Communist dominated governments had an effect on Rotary. Rotary clubs were banned and membership in Rotary was banned. Finally with the fall of the Iron Curtain Rotary has begun to reach re-establish itself in many of these areas with clubs now in Russia, former Soviet satellites and clubs in China. Of the 195 countries in the world, Rotary does not exist in only six of them.
All up with 1.2 million members worldwide we have the strength and background resources to overcome the current Covid 19 pandemic. Rotary has had ups and downs in the 115 years of its existence and we will ride this out as well. Probably the use of electronic means, video conferencing and online learning that we are employing at the moment is probably very good to the organisation as we will be able to come out of this with a model and methods that, although are not traditional Rotary club meetings, they give us the chance to revitalise our membership by encouraging younger people who are technologically savvy and want to do good in the world to join as.
I encourage all of you to work on innovative methods to adapt and grow Rotary.
DG Tim

COVID-19, ZOOM, Rotary Club meeting, Membership, Induction.

On Thursday 2nd April, the Rotary Club of Seaford inducted Jenn Bann into the World of Rotary. Instead of the normal strategy of the Club President standing with a new inductee, on this occasion via the electronic world - Zoom was utilised by the Club President Linda Sweeney to read the welcome script whilst Jenn's husband (inducted into Rotary 4 weeks earlier) handed over the official Rotary welcome kit. Creative, innovative and a new member to Rotary in 2020.
The Rotary Club of Seaford have now inducted 9 new members into Rotary in this Rotary Year 2019-2020.
Story by Rotarian Ian Renshaw

Congratulations Loxton Rotary

 23 April 2020
President James West
Rotary Club of Loxton
Dear President James,
It is with great pleasure that we send you the enclosed charter certificate for the new Interact Club of Loxton High School, sponsored by your Rotary club. Please sign the certificate for presentation to the new club.
Congratulations and best wishes to all who worked so hard to establish this Interact club. The investment in these young leaders of your community will undoubtedly produce great rewards in the future!
 Trudy Grice
Coordinator Club & District Support
South Pacific & Philippines Office
ANZAC Day is held annually on April 25th, the anniversary of the Dardanelles Campaign Landing in 1915, and traditionally includes commemorations across the country at dedicated war memorials, community precincts and RSL Sub-Branches. ANZAC Day is a national public holiday. Saturday 25th April 2020 is the public holiday in South Australia. Public health is is the prime consideration in this extraordinary time of world-wide COVID-19 health restrictions. RSL SA/NT regrettably announces the cancellation of these Adelaide ANZAC Day activities:
  • State RSL ANZAC Eve Youth Vigil
  • Dawn Service  
  • ANZAC Day March 
  • Cross of Sacrifice Service 
  • ANZAC on Torrens Parade Ground
Please check with local organisers regarding their current status for cancelled or planned activities that meet government regulations.
Remembrance of service and sacrifice are important to our society. You may choose to pay respects in your own personal way.
  • Light Up the Dawn commemoration from your own driveway, with neighbours and the RSL. For a guide to format your own service at home see web page http://rslsa.org.au/anzac-day-2/
  • Images for public use in social media can be downloaded at bit.ly/3aSuhKr
  • Remembering from within your home with Light Up the Dawn, media broadcasts and online coverage. ABC TV and Radio 891 will cover the closed Adelaide dawn service from 5:55am.
  • Visiting a local war memorial at any time of the day, within exercise/recreation and social distancing conditions
  • Visit Virtual War Memorial Australia. Register and contribute pictures and information on your relatives who served Australia on active service.
ANZAC DAY 25 APRIL 2020 ANZAC biscuits with thanks to anzacday.org.au
1 cup each of rolled oats, plain flour, sugar.
3/4 cup coconut, 125 g butter,
2 tablespoons golden syrup,
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda,
1 tablespoon boiling water.
Combine dry ingredients except bicarb in a bowl, melt syrup and butter together over gentle heat and add boiling water/bicarb mix.
Mix together with dry ingredients.
Place teaspoonfulls on a greased tray [or use baking paper] and bake in a slow oven 150C fan forced for 20-25 mins.
Cool and enjoy.
Courtest Rotary Club of Morphett Vale Newsletter


Connect With RDU

Rotary Down Under
For information on how to connect with RDU, click the button below.


CATE or Calperum And The Environment have published their latest newsletter which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

RAWCS - Cylone Harold

As a result of Cyclone Harold, there has been widespread destruction in Vanuatu to property within the regions Luganville, Ambae, Pentecost and Malo Islands.
There is urgent need for building supplies, shelter short and long term, food and mosquito Nets.
Project ——Cyclone Harold Disaster Response- Vanuatu—113-2019-20
Clicking the hyperlink below will to take donors directly to our secure donations page.
Donations are Tax Deductible

In Memoriam

As our District Conference was cancelled due to Covid-19, there has not been an opportunity to recognise those members who have passed to higher service in the period between our last Conference and the cancelled Conference. We understand that there have been other passed members since that date but this is on opportunity to reflect on the lives of those members who would have been recognised
   to view the PDF presentation

World Immunisation Week

As scientists work to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, we can do our part to keep our communities healthy by encouraging everyone to immunize their children. The global health community needs Rotary’s help to spread the word about the importance of vaccinations during World Immunization Week, 24-30 April. Download Rotary’s World Immunization Week Toolkit and use #VaccinesWork and #EndPolio hashtags on your social media posts to raise awareness.
An opportunity for clubs to assist children in the Pacific islands.
Sandra and Rod Marten, of ERA publications, approached Bronwyn Klar, the DG's partner, because of their knowledge of her Rotary connection offerings a donation of educational children's books for Pacific islands schools.
After liaising with David Cockshell, Bronwyn is delighted to advise that 38 pallets of children's books have now been delivered to DIK.
Any clubs that have projects running or proposed in the Pacific islands may want to consider including some of these books to go when next preparing a container. Contact DIK, the RAWCS Central Chair or the DG if you want further information.

Rotary Can Still Function

Many of our Rotary Clubs have effectively gone into lockdown but there are ways to continue to meet in these challenging times.
Several Clubs have been experimenting with the platform known as Zoom.
Zoom Logo  Zoom is an interactive software platform whereby members can join together and enjoy the fellowship that is currently missing from our normal meetings.
For information relating to Zoom visit www.zoom.us or contact Robin LeGallez (mhcool@lm.net.au) who may be able to assist you with getting online.
District 9520 has a current license for Zoom, however only one session can run at a time. A session must be booked with the District Secretary, Peter Maas who will provide login and password details.
Alternately there is a free version which has the same number of meeting attendees but is limited to 40 minutes. The paid PRo version currently costs $20.99 (AU$) but with a promo code for Rotary there is a 20% discount. Promo code is ZoomRotary.The Pro version allows online recording of the meeting which could be uploaded for viewing later. 
District 9510 has a wonderful resource which explains the process along with helpfull videos. Please contact District Secretary Peter Maas for booking a time slot.  
The link is https://rotary9510.org/sitepage/zoom-communications . D9500 webmaster Graham Fussen is a wealth of information relating to all thing Zoom however in the first instance contact Secretary Peter or Robin LeGallez (0408813295)
There are several other online methods including facebook online and Skype.

Consider This Before Posting Online

The 4-Way Test In An Online World
It is instructive to keep the 4-Way Test in mind when engaging in any social media or other online activity. The values inherent within this simple moral code, created by Rotarian Herbert J Taylor, in an era well before the advent of computers, stand the test of time.
Below are some simple examples of how the 4 Way Test might apply.
The 4-way test of the things we think, say or do (online):
Please feel free to consider your own examples and how you might apply the 4-Way Test to your online activities.
ls it the truth?
Verifiable facts about Rotary & Rotary projects
Reports on Club activities
Shared press releases from Rotary International
Conflicting Personal opinions
Exaggerated claims
Unverifiable statistics
ls it fair to all concerned?
Sharing good news stories about other Clubs activities
Promoting relevant causes
Self-promotion and bragging
Putting other people down
Multi-level marketing
Will it build goodwill and build better friendships?
Sharing stories with others who may benefit
Helping to connect people
Compliments & encouraging words
Liking, commenting on & reposting positive Rotary
Personal attacks
Racist, sexist & discriminatory remarks
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Online donations and sharing information on Rotary causes to friends and associates
Participate in Rotary polls or requests feedback
Support your Club, district & Rl online activities by
engaging & interacting
Personal tirades
Activities which involve
conflicts of interest
Please feel free to consider your own examples and how you might apply the 4-Way Test to your online activities.

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