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During this last month, we welcomed several either new or transferring members to District 9520
Graham Dean Victor Harbor
Annette Greenshields Seaford
David Grenshields Seaford
Jung Grewal Glenelg
How to Be the Inspiration this year. President Barry Rassin has challenged clubs and Rotarians to Be the Inspiration in 2018-19. Here are a few ways you can do that.


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Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you’re done.

Courtesy of RC Onkaparinga

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DG's November Report Photos

DG's November Update

Alpacas, Ducks and Pageants – a District Governor’s journey!
November has seen Paul and I continuing our official Club visits and attending some wonderful community events organised or supported by Rotary Clubs across the District.  You never know what you will experience in this role - we have watched 2,500 rubber duckies race to the finish line at Strathalbyn, an alpaca joined the RC of Yankalilla board meeting, and Paul has been perfecting his wave at Christmas pageants in Murray Bridge (RC Mobilong) and Stirling.  It has been fantastic to see Rotary being promoted at community events as these are wonderful opportunities to showcase Rotary and Rotarians as People of Action – whether it has been the Rotary branded catering caravans and members proudly wearing their Rotary shirts, to innovative signage for catering that reflects a more modern take on the ‘sausage sizzle’, to having a Shelterbox displayed to show a tangible outcome of how Rotary positively impacts lives around the world, all of these public image initiatives puts Rotary in front of the general public and gives us a chance to tell people what we do and why we do it.  The accompanying photos gives you a sample of some of these events.  Past Assistant Governor Susanne Marie (RC Stirling) did a fabulous job promoting Rotary as one of the commentators at the Stirling Christmas pageant and President Kym Goodenough (RC Strathalbyn) took the opportunity at their Duck Race to talk about the great work of Rotary in his interview that was seen on the Channel 7 news. Rotary has 1.2 million public relations officers – they are called Rotarians!  It is up to all of us to speak positively and enthusiastically about Rotary and use every opportunity through our events and activities to inspire others to join us as we continue to do good in the world.
Be the Inspiration!
DG Kim
Congratulations Stephany
On November 1st I attended the presentation of the South Australian Finalists for the 2019 Australian of the Year Awards, held at the Adelaide Oval.  16 finalists – four in each of the following categories: Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, Senior Australian of the Year, and Australia’s Local Hero – had been selected from over 1,500 nominations across SA.  I was very proud to witness Rotarian Stephany Martin, from the Rotary Club of Campbelltown, receive her certificate as one of the four finalists in the Young Australian of the Year category for her work in Rotary and more specifically through the Rotary Youth Leadership framework.  Stephany is the 9520 Chair of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment programs and a member of the District’s Next Generation Advisory Group.  She is literally days away from completing her Law Degree and works full time.  You are an inspiration to us all Stephany and a wonderful ambassador for our District and Rotary – congratulations!
Drought Relief Update
A huge thank you to all Rotarians and Clubs who have supported the appeals and projects associated with drought relief for farmers and farming communities. I have been so inspired by the actions of Clubs and Rotarians to support this cause that the District has allocated $10,000 from its Disaster Fund to the RAWCS Drought Relief Fund.
 As the impact of the drought continues, Clubs have asked me:
“ How can we further support drought affected communities?”
“ What is being done in communities within our District (which includes far west NSW) and in South Australia more broadly?”, and
“What is happening with the appeal funds managed by the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)?”
As this support is likely to be ongoing for some time, the District has appointed a coordinator to act as a reference point in the District, keeping us informed on the current situation and providing information on further opportunities for Clubs and the District.  A big thank you to PDG Bob Cooper for accepting our invitation to take on this role.
Watch this space!

Health of the River Forum 2018

The HOTR Forum has again become another of the special Rotary funded opportunities for students of Districts 9500 and 9520.
During 5th – 8th of November sixteen Yr. 9 and 10 students from across the two districts travelled to Calperum Station, near Renmark, SA and took part in 4 days of environment based ecological studies.
The Forum was run by the education and research team based at Calperum and was ably supported by five Rotarians who took part in the many activities held at the site.
Students undertook studies in Tree Health, Pitfall Trapping, Soil and Salinity management and a Cultural History Study of local river use; including indigenous habitation.
The students were engaged in species collecting, record keeping, soil management, tree health assessments, fauna identification, erosion control, group collaboration, recording and graphing of results, reporting as a team, and a host of other social activities; including a “Calperum’s Got Talent Show” and Quiz Night.
All who took part, were impressed with the educational programme offered, the excellent catering and fun filled activities. Preparation for HOTR 2019 has commenced and a tentative date of 21st – 25th of October 2019 has been set.
We very much hope the Forum can be an even bigger and better success next year and hope more students across our districts take part.
See below some photos taken and a few excerpts from the student feedback received and hope clubs will be keen to sponsor students when applications are called for next year!
Bruce Cole and Dick Cuttle (HOTR 2018 Convenors)
Indigenous and Cultural Study
Tree Health Study
Erosion and Habitat Rehabilitation Study
Pitfall Trapping Specimen
Reporting on Findings
HOTR 2018 Students
Student Feedback – Just a few excerpts from the 16 who took part.
Faith – (HOTR) “teaches you really cool facts!”    Guthrow – “For anyone interested in this area of the environment, I would strongly recommend it!”                      Liam – “It is a fun experience for young people!”          Grace – “It was a great learning experience and opportunity.”                Hayate – “I believe I learnt more than what I usually learn in my science class as you were able to observe the experiments in large scale.”       Emily – “It was good to look further into the real life of ecology and biology. This has given me more of a path for my future.”                Dana – “I think that every student should get the opportunity to come!”    Rachelle – It was a fun and enjoyable trip which I would do again!”

Operation K9

Rotary Club of St Peters Supports Operation K9 Assistance Dog Program
Operation K9 is a joint program provided by the Returned Services League (RSL - SA) and the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB). Operation K9 dogs are provided to Veterans of Australian Defence Forces who have a diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to Operational Service.
An Operation K9 dog is an accredited assistance dog that can provide benefits in terms of supporting independence and social interactions as well as a range of client specific tasks tailored to the veteran’s needs.
Almost 2 years ago, the idea was hatched when Rotarian John Seeliger approached Rotarian Carmel O’Reilly, Community Chair, to give a donation to an organisation that trained trauma dogs. With subsequent discussions between Carmel and John and the organisation, the idea of a major project for the Rotary Club of St Peters was borne, that is to support all the costs associated with the life of a dog.
With both the Board and members of the Rotary Club of St Peters full support the club decided to donate the required amount. So, for the last 104 weeks our members and volunteers of the Rotary Club of St Peters have worked in our fundraising shed for approximately 8,000 volunteer hours to raise the required amount.
The first cheque of $15,000 was presented to the K9 Program the previous Rotary year, and at our 30th October meeting, the second and final instalment of $10,000 was handed to RSB Fundraising Manager Darren Johnson. Darren was accompanied by Major Peter Checkly (retired), recipient of the first K9 Dog assistance dog, “Ruby” and Peter’s wife Jenny.
Darren first spoke to us about how the RSB decided to initiate and be involved in this project. Interestingly only about half of dogs that are trained for assistance to visually impaired people graduate and the Society was looking to better utilise these dogs that could not be fully used after quite some time and monies spent on their training. The Society heard that dogs were being used to assist American servicemen diagnosed with (PTSD) and after making enquiries decided to initiate a program along similar lines. The RSB-SA branch is the only organisation in Australia using their dogs in this way and started about 5 years ago.
Peter and Jenny then addressed us. Ruby is the first K9 Dog form the RSB-SA training and because of the tremendous change that Ruby has allowed Peter to undergo, Peter and Jenny voluntarily offer to talk about their journey to help support this programme.
Peter, a 25-year Royal Marine Commando and then a 20-year Australian Army officer was injured in Afganistan. Those injuries left him with a physical disability, but more importantly PTSD. Peter described his mental state that existed for some years which had him descending into a black space. Then Ruby came into his life, Ruby is trained to interrupt the descent into a bad mind state, she becomes aware of a problem before Peter himself. These dogs cannot cure PTSD, but they can interrupt the descent into the black space thus helping the sufferer to help himself.
Peter’s wife Jenny told some of the story from her perspective; speaking of not being able to leave Peter alone for more than 15 minutes, not being able to go shopping as Peter could not take the crowded spaces. Things are much better now and they both can not imagine life without Ruby.
Ruby, Peter and Jenny Checkly
A LARGE cheque was presented to the RSB-SA
President Brian Kretschmer, Darren Johnson, Ruby, Peter and Jenny Checkly and Rotarian John Seeliger. Absent Carmel O’Reilly

Rotary District Conference 2019 at Broken Hill


Could these be future Rotarians?

Well done to all Rotarians who recently nominated and ran for positions on local Councils and congratulations to those who were elected including Dr Joseph Masika (RC Edwardstown) as a Councillor in the Marion City Council.
During the November local government elections in there were a number of disappointed people who stood for office but failed to attract sufficient votes.  It is always tough to win a post on Council, if voting is not compulsory and more especially if you are not a household name in the community.
Some clubs in SA saw this as an opportunity to attract such people to membership.
They wrote to all the unsuccessful candidates in their council area suggesting joining their Rotary Club was a great way of increasing their exposure in the community, building their networks and doing good at the same time.  All this would make a good CV for any candidate looking to stand in four years’ time.
It is too early to see how successful this strategy was but Rotary clubs should be always looking for new ways of promoting themselves and their advantages.   Clearly candidates for local government office want to serve the community just in the same way as we Rotarians do.  If we can provide mutual benefits it is a great way to build membership as well.
Euan Miller
D 9520 Membership Chair

The Rotary Club of McLaren Vale's Mock Accident

I am a new member of the Rotary Club of McLaren Vale and knew the Club has had a “Mock Accident” event in Willunga for the past 19 years and really didn’t know much else. The event is a graphic account of the ‘ripple effect’ of a car accident and all the repercussions to follow, in front of an audience of high school children. These teens are of the age, who are thinking about getting a driver’s license and it is to give them an ‘safe’ insight of what their actions as drivers , could follow with irrational behaviour.  Kevin Lamb and Steve Head, old pros knowing the contacts, set things in motion. I was there on the day as a fresh onlooker, to watch things unfold.
It started early morning, with  SA Police closing off the Main Rd Willunga, outside the Community Hall and redirecting local traffic around the road in front of the Alma Hotel.  . Then delivery of two smashed cars from Aldinga Crash Repairs/towing. Both cars set apart , as in a head on collision, with the cars bouncing back from the impact. The next team to arrive, was the Country Fire Service with two trucks and a well-trained team, setting up near the crash scene. In the background, Alfred James Funerals from Unley arrived, wearing their suits and assembling a trolley to pick up the victim who had died at the scene. Now that’s a moment to take in! Then the actors from Willunga High school, set about preparing for the “show”, putting on fake blood and bruising.
At around 9am the High School students arrived, sitting in front of the Community Hall, which was also waiting for the ‘Trial” of the driver who caused the fatality.
The lead players, John Illingworth SA Police(also a Rotarian from Blakiston Rotary Club) and SA Ambulance Personnel  Jennifer Albrecht, narrated through each stage of the accident. How the players fitted in and brought huge insight into the importance of the safety of the rescuers and also the importance of the forensic science involved to make a correct prosecution of the driver.
The event started with the victims of the accident, coming to terms with what had “just happened”, to a grieving father running to the scene and hearing the ambulance sirens in the distance. The crying, the ambulance arriving, assessing the situation and going into action. The jaws of life, cutting through metal, instructions being given out and followed, with all the step by step actions being told by the Police and SA Ambulance narrators along the way.
The finale came when the Driver was taken into custody and lead into the ‘court house”, where Southern Vale Legal, staff and Judge Sophie David, Principle Lawyer Leo Reynolds, secretary Donna Stuart , Para Legal Kathy Wakey and Prosecutor Kimberley White,  were there to give out Justice to the Driver.
The onlookers had a lot to take in over the 2 hours, but what an event. Our Club could never achieve such an amazing event without ALL the Volunteers on the day. I really feel EVERYONE got something out of it and as a Community I am proud that we care enough to make this happen.
Volunteering is very satisfying and its fun to share time with lovely like minded people. It’s not demanding, you can put in hours that you want to put in and choose projects you may like to get involved in. Rotary is the vehicle for you to make a difference in your life and of others..
Please contact me Briony 0437500251 or the Meeting Place MV, home of our Club.
Contributed by Briony Casburn

Update on the End Polio Campaign

Message from Bob Aitken
RI END POLIO NOW Coordinator, Zones 7B/8, 2018/
Governor Wendy Protheroe and her amazing team in District 9600 have just received the best possible boost from the END POLIO NOW team at Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, USA … a grant of $185,896.95 to fund hi viz safety vests for our brave volunteers in PNG!
The story goes back to early September and meetings with representatives of WHO and UNICEF who explained the urgent need for the vests to enhance the safety and security of the volunteers providing medical support for victims of vaccine derived polio in the remote outposts of mountainous PNG.
Cost of the vests was estimated to be in the vicinity of $200,000 – completely out of reach for District 9600 and resources available to WHO and UNICEF at that time.
After discussions with Governor Wendy and her team, I sent a request to END POLIO NOW campaign manager Carol Pandak in Evanston seeking special support for the vital requirement.
Carol and her team were on the job immediately and sought support from Wendy and her District leaders in setting up a leadership team, special bank account and other resources.
It was very opportune that the Governor was about to leave for her visit to PNG and she really hit the ground running.
Yesterday, Governor Wendy received official word that The Rotary Foundation Chair Ron Burton had signed off on the grant and $185,896.95 was on the way to the District 9600 Management team – District TRF Chair Darryl Iseppi, Assistant Governor Wendy Scholz and Governor Wendy Protheroe.  Governor Wendy has agreed to accept stewardship responsibilities.
The team has commenced the next step – getting the vests printed with the current Rotary mark and necessary words, followed by distribution to all teams in various regions of PNG.  The vests will ensure the safety of volunteers and it follows contribute to the health of PNG children.
Governor Wendy and her support team was able to visit children in hospital in PNG and became caught up in the emotion of the experience.
Please allow me to share her heartfelt thoughts with you all …
  • Thanks to all the Rotarians who donate funds to Polio Plus – and for making sure the vaccines are reaching the children of the world.
  • Thanks to Polio Plus for recognising that sometimes we need to look a little more broadly than just vaccines and that we truly do have the ability to respond to special needs in various parts of the world.
  • Thanks to Rotarians  on the ground in PNG who are encouraging everyone to travel and connect their children with the vaccinating teams.
  • Thanks to all Rotarians in District 9600 – and I have absolutely no doubt that each of your will donate just a little more this afternoon as you remember why we live ‘service above self’.
Friends … I urge you all to share this story with EVERYONE in your respective Districts.  It provides absolute proof that the fund raising support we have maintained for Polio Plus since 1987 is vital and can benefit people in all parts of the world – even our own back yard!!!
When you are asked ‘why are we still supporting Polio Plus?’ share this story – and how quickly our dedicated leaders at The Rotary Foundation were able to respond.
I encourage you all to use the story to maximise giving in your respective Districts as we move towards the completion of the first half of our Rotary year  -
  • USD1,500 per Rotary club
  • Plan now for 20% of unused DDF to go to END POLIO NOW at year’s end
  • Maintain the search for major donors – US$10,000 each.  They are out there waiting to be asked …

Amazing Opportunity

Join us for the webinar Membership Models for the Future of Rotary on Wednesday, 5 December, 18:00-19:00 Chicago time (UTC-6), if you believe your club could benefit from becoming more flexible and you:

  • Want to host some meetings online but aren’t sure how
  • Have heard about corporate memberships and want to learn more about how they could benefit your club — and community 
  • Are wondering how a satellite club might allow more prospective members to engage with and expand Rotary

Register and see the webinar in your time zone. Everyone who registers will receive access to the recording and slides. 

Our panelists will talk about the challenges, benefits, and lessons of designing a club experience that works for every member.

Membership Development team

PNG Midwife Support

Strengthening Midwives in Papua New Guinea to save Women’s lives.
In 2017 the members of the Rotary Club of Morialta in South Australia, became aware of the urgent need to improve maternal and newborn outcomes in Papua New Guinea, a neighbouring country of Australia.
More than 80 % of people in Papua New Guinea (PNG) live in rural and remote, isolated and hard to reach areas. There are an estimated 250,000 births in PNG per year and most of them are in these rural areas. It is well known that women and babies die in large numbers in PNG. Whilst it has been difficult to measure directly, deaths of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth is one of the highest in the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes that access to midwifery care saves the lives of mothers and their babies however there is a large unmet need for skilled and educated midwives in PNG.
Through initial contact with the Australia College of Midwives (ACM), Morialta members were in touch with the professional association of midwives in PNG who asked for assistance from Rotary to improve the outcomes for mothers and babies through the strengthening of midwifery leadership within the PNG Midwifery Society (PNGMS) and providing a ‘buddy’ program between the ACM and the PNGMS. They believe that by strengthening their professional association they can more effectively represent, support and advance midwifery through continually improving standards and advocacy which in
turn will improve maternal and newborn health.
The Morialta Club has accepted the challenge and developed a 3-year project, to provide midwives in PNG with a leadership and advocacy ‘buddy’ program.
Each year of the project, 6 Australian midwives will volunteer their time to work with their colleagues in PNG. The buddy pairs will be expected to form a long-term relationship and to mentor others entering the program over the coming years.
The Rotary Club of Morialta has been awarded a Rotary Global and District grant to proceed with this signature project. The potential for thousands of women in PNG to benefit through Rotary assisting midwives to make high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children, so they can live longer and grow stronger is possibly one of the most important differences that a Rotary Club can achieve.
RAWCS accreditation has been gained so donations to the project are tax deductible. See the clubs web site for more information on this project.

Stirling Christmas Cheer

The Rotary Club of Stirling was part of the Christmas Pageant held on 18th November
 Stirling Rotary catering van and adjoining ShelterBox display.
Perhaps new spectacles may be in order?  
Neil Wickens chatting up a fellow Rotarian.
No matter how hard these two try, she ain’t gonna fit in that ShelterBox!
Dan Edmonds and Robert Koehne seek guidance from a higher authority.
Photos supplied by David Hogan,
Rotary Club of Stirling