Club Visioning

Club Visioning

Club Vision Facilitation

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What is “vision”?

…an inspirational rendering of a future state…

…an articulation of how we want to be…

…a shared view to guide our actions…

…a foundation upon which to build our long and short term plans…

Why do we need to Vision?

Vision Facilitation helps a Rotary Club design its own VISION, and then sets out the steps

necessary to achieve that vision. The result is not a vision decided by the Rotary District or by

Rotary International but instead a vision designed and endorsed by the Club’s own members.

This vision will help to ensure consensus, continuity and consistency in your Club’s leadership &

programming, to set the stage for future progress.

Is this initiative a membership drive exercise?

In itself this is not a “membership drive initative”. It was designed to help clubs develop a sense of

direction and the structure necessary to achieve club’s own goals. It is an exercise which

strengthens the club and a byproduct of this is an increase in membership. For administrative

purposes it is attached to the Membership Development Committee, however, the initiative has its

own Coordinator, Wendy Gaborit ( who will manage day to day running

of the project.

Are clubs required to do this?

No, there is no requirement that clubs conduct a visioning event.

Who will conduct the session?

Fellow Rotarians who are interested in seeing individual clubs grow will facilitate the program.

They are experienced volunteers that have been involved as Rotary leaders and trainers. They are

experienced facilitators and knowledgeable about Rotary at local, district, and international levels.

They have been trained in Club Vision Facilitation.

Should you want to know more, please contact Wendy Gaborit (