The District awards will be decided on the criteria given under each heading in conjunction with the following general criteria: 

(a) Project Planning                            (d) Publicity/Feedback
(b) Relevance/Need                            (e) Innovative Aspects
(c) Club Members’ input                     (f) Community Impact/Involvement


Please note that awards numbered 2,3,4,11, and 12 will be based on written submissions forwarded to the District Governor/Secretary at least four weeks prior to the District Conference.


All projects are to be commenced or completed in the two years prior to the District Conference at which they are entered for competition, and which have not previously won this award.  

Written submissions may be supported by a visual presentation displayed at the Conference.  The quality of the visual presentation will be taken into account when making these awards.  The displays will automatically be entered for the Stan Fereday Award – Best Displayed Club Project (No.5). 

All Others – as stated. 


1.      Best Conference Attendance – Attendance x kilometres from home club, divided by club membership.  (Donated by the late PDG Arthur Hart.)


2.      Best Community Service Project – (Donated by the Rotary Club of Mitcham.)


3.      Best Vocational Service Project - (Donated by the Rotary Club of Noarlunga East.)


4.      Best International Service Project - (Donated by the Rotary Club of Irymple)


5.      Stan Fereday Award – Best Displayed Club Project 
Judged on the success of the display at the Confer-ence; not necessarily the best project.  Emphasis will be placed on the story of the project, i.e. a combination of the pictorial and printed message conveyed on the project’s development, as well as the aesthetic aspects.
(Donated by Stan Fereday, Rotary Club of Glenelg.)


6.      Bulletin Of The Year – Relevance, readability, aesthetics, suitability to the club’s situation and comprehensiveness will be taken into account.
(Donated by PDG Alan Williams.)


7.      Membership Improvement Trophy – For the highest percentage increase, year to date based on membership at the commencement of the current Rotary year.
(Donated by the late PDG Harry Allen.) 

8.      Most First Attendees – This Year’s Conference.


9.    Rotary Foundation Contribution – Fred Claridge Memorial – For the highest contribution per member in the current year.
(Donated by Mrs. Madge Claridge.) 

10.    Best New Generations Project - (Donated by the late PDG Bill Rufus.)


11.    Best Fund Raising Project - (Donated by PDG Kevin Parkinson.)


12.    Ivor Lewis Trophy For Public Relations – For the project which best attracts good public attention and recognition during the previous calendar year.  All clubs will be circularised by the Public Relations Committee with details concerning this award.  

13.    Australian Rotary Health Research Fund – Bernie Jones Trophy – For the highest per capita contribution made by a Club during the previous February to February period.


14.    Australian Rotary Health Research Fund District Achievement Award – For the most significant assistance given to ARHRF since the last District Conference.  Projects reflecting innovativeness, effective public relations or local implementation will be considered. 

15.    Best Environmental Project – According to the goals set out in the Preserve Plan Earth Program of Rotary International.  To be judged on the basis of a visit to the project site by the District Preserve Planet Earth Committee.


16.    Best Club Website Award – For the Rotary Club that provides the best club website, which provides accessibility, information, relevance and currency as judged by the District Internet Committee.