Preserve Planet Earth

Preserve Planet Earth is a joint District 9500 / 9520 committee to promote conservation and make improvements to the environment, by promoting programs such as:
  • Catchments,
  • Our Patch,
  • recycling,
  • Land Care,
  • KESAB (Road Watch),
  • Trees for Life, and
  • environmental education for children
For further information, contact

     Don Will (Chair)         RC Eastwood


The Preserve Planet Earth activities also incorporate support for:

Australian Campaign for Rabbit Eradication (ACRE)
A joint 9500/9520 program working to bring about community awareness of the destruction of the environment by feral rabbits.

Rotary Native Bird Nest box Program (ROBIN)
A joint 9500/9520 program supporting projects to promote nest boxes and resting places for our native birds and animals.
For more information see ROBIN