Training Publications
In 2017, two Compliance Seminars were held - one in Mildura and one in Adelaide. In the seminars, an update to the District Insurance, Risk Management and Youth Protection policies and procedures was presented. The following documents were referred to during the seminars. Click on the links to access each document.
2. Rotary Insurance Pro-Forma (for event notification)
Risk Management
The 2016 District Leadership Team (DLT) Briefing was held on 21st February 2016. Some of the speakers were recorded and the video can be found below. Presentations and other useful material is also included.
      1. Rotary International Theme and Goals and Rotary District 9520 Strategy and Plans - Presented by DGE Sam Camporeale
         Click here to see the video -
         Presentation:  The full presentation can be found here : Documents/en-au/62c2d9d3-d46c-4b95-99f3-c2a1edbfa05b/1
       2. Secretary, Treasurer, Insurance and Risk Management Overview Presentations
         Click here to see the video -
         Presentations are available here:
         District Insurance Officer: Documents/en-au/97264461-49ba-4b80-9046-c162f13d77e7/1
         District Risk Management Officer: Documents/en-au/fb1a8a63-d943-469e-a4cc-aa01ce295542/1
       3. Managing Change in a Volunteer Organisation - Brian Spencer, St Vincent de Paul Society
         Click here to see the video -
        Presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/278d82df-8ada-4535-a53c-2a1d64a29bb2/1
The 2016 PETS Leadership and Development Seminar was conducted on the weekend of 9th and 10th April 2016. Some of the presentations and documents can be found in this section.
       1. RI and District 9520 Plans - by DGE Sam Camporeale
      The presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/da65da90-fd6c-4aa3-b5f9-8d1724a52579/1
       2. Planning Your Year - by DGE Sam Camporeale
       The presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/29f796de-2509-4640-bdef-2d47ddc13bc2/1
       3. President's Planning Calendar Template 
       The template can be downloaded from here: Documents/en-au/d962af80-8312-4b09-b74f-89707c1269c5/1
The 2016 District Training Assembly (DTA) was conducted on 15th May 2016. Some of the key presentations can be found in this section.
1. RI and District 9520 Strategy and Plans - by DGE Sam Camporeale
The presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/1271390e-2a7d-4788-bfea-3b4d716fb583/1 
2. The Rotary Foundation - by PDG Bruce Richardson
3. Membership and Retention
a) Attracting Young Professionals by Mark Huddleston: Documents/en-au/3317409f-ad21-44c8-8cd2-821cda41b08f/1
c) The Yass Plan by Mark Huddleston: Documents/en-au/e5e324af-4dad-4495-a890-dd6cc25c4edc/1
d) Club Flexibility and the Impact of Council of Legislation decisions:
4. About Australian Rotary Health - by PDG Roy Armstrong
The presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/a5652172-6051-452c-a4e3-8e3957ee8450/1
5. Rotaract and Interact - by Stephany Martin
Stephany's presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/dc00d9f6-eebf-4943-9a5d-b6f5f279db45/1
6. Finance Roles and Expectations - by PDG Bruce Richardson
Bruce's presentation is available here: Documents/en-au/c7e41402-eb80-41eb-81c6-4159221e9a58/1
7. Project Showcase - by Deidre Hughes
Community Collaboration - Markets: Documents/en-au/470feba5-5856-4b1d-8fcb-d678263c3445/1
8. Rotary Basics - by Deidre Hughes and Sue Piggott
9. My Rotary and ClubRunner
a) Integration of ClubRunner and My Rotary Membership Data by Peter Hammond: Documents/en-au/826c9870-d6d3-465f-a58f-68d6552e887b/1
b) Rotary Showcase and Rotary Ideas Exchange by DGE Sam Camporeale: Documents/en-au/2937f4f6-9805-4467-877b-92a2178cdb2d/1