On Friday evening, 13th March, the Conference Committee determined that the District 9520 Conference sheduled for this month should be cancelled and the attached letter outlines the reasons & expected outcomes from this decision.
Since writing the letter, the following information has been received from the Chief Medical Officer which reinforces our difficult decision.
"It is clear that a great majority of people with COVID-19 infection (>80%) have mild disease, not requiring any specific health intervention. This mild disease contributes to the high transmissibility of the virus, as many people with infection will continue working and interacting with the community because their symptoms are so mild. … The greatest concern remains the relatively small number of cases with severe pulmonary disease, some with a fatal outcome. We know that the majority of fatal outcomes have been seen in the elderly, or people with comorbidities.”
Yours in Rotary
Tim Klar
District 9520 Governor