The 2018/19 fire danger season has commenced in the majority of districts in South Australia.
Everyone is responsible for being prepared for bushfires regardless of where they live, work or travel.
Recent experience shows the risk of fires extends to people living on the urban fringe. Although some residents may not consider themselves to be at bushfire risk, everyone should have an up-to-date Bushfire Survival Plan.
Think in advance about how you will keep informed during an emergency event. Do not rely on one source for emergency warning information – instead seek it from multiple sources such as ABC Radio, SA Country Fire Service (CFS) website or trusted social media.
The CFS, along with other emergency service organisations and state government agencies, has information, tools and tips available for the community. Visit the CFS website  so you can keep up to date with current bushfire conditions for a specific location and Be Bushfire Ready.    
Under a memorandum of Understanding with Department Human Services/SA Housing Authority  Rotary has undertaken a commitment to provide resources and personnel to assist in a relief centre , should one be authorised.
Contact PDG Wendy Gaborit for more information at or 0418 858 717
Wendy is liaising with The Emergency Management Unit and Red Cross to facilitate a training seminar  for Rotarians.