Hi Rotarians in D9520 & D9500
Reasonably recently, what was the ROTARY CALPERUM COMMITTEE has become CATE (CALPERUM & THE ENVIRONMENT) COMMITTEE - your Committee to address Rotary’s increasing environmental activities. After many years on the Calperum Committee, under the superb leadership of initially Bob Arnold and then Dick Cuttle, I am proud to take on the Chairmanship. Our Districts have been very fortunate to have had two such visionary Rotarians, resulting in our environmental status leads most Districts in Australia.
In recent months a transition is occurring how we manage the various environmental activities of D9500 and D9520. In the part we have been very “Club focused’ whereby those members within a Rotary Club work with others from the same club in a specific area of activity - either at Calperum or in their local community. Following recent discussions with Calperum management we have agreed that our activities can be much better managed with a project focus, under a Project Captain. The Captain will invite Rotarians from any or many Clubs who seeks to be involved in that activity to register their interest and be kept informed when work is to be undertaken. For instance, under the Environmental Monitoring Captain, a work team from three different Clubs visited Calperum in the last week of July to do the winter monitoring activities.
In reply to some expressed criticism of this decision might I suggest that Rotarians within your Club may still all seek work on a single  project if that is your wish, or more than one project, or split up into different projects - the choices are yours for the Club and for Rotarians.
To date seven projects have already been identified, each with a Project Captain (see details below, contact details via District website). Only one of these projects is not operating out of Calperum, but I suspect as we gather more ideas for environmental initiatives that this list will expand, and many projects will be in local neighbourhood.
Education/Youth:Bruce ColeBlackwood
Water /Environmental Monitoring:Bryan HarrisAdelaide
Fencing:Dick CuttleOnkaparinga
Trees / Revegetation:
David GooleyMitcham
Mapping & Signage:
David FentonCampbelltown
Handyman Projects:
Russell CamensOnkaparinga
Di KeachGoolwa
Rodger HedleyNorwood
The Project Captains will be the direct link with Calperum staff to establish when visits are planned, how many volunteers are required for how long, and to book accommodation for volunteers. All communication is via the Captain (to volunteers and Calperum), and copying in Julie Robertson, julier@alt.com.au (the administration manager at Calperum). Whilst some Clubs may wish to continue to visit Calperum as a complete group, this will either be:
  • Under the direction of the Project Captain who oversees the volunteering they seek to undertake (in which case there is no charge for accommodation for any volunteer) or
  • As a ‘holidaying guest’ at Calperum - to enjoy the superb environment of this unique property - at the standard daily rate of around $22 per person per night.
Such clear differentiation has become necessary due to:
  • Rotarians and Rotary Clubs booking a stay and cancelling at very short notice, resulting in nil revenue for the accommodation which could have been otherwise booked by other people seeking to stay, and
  • Instances of a large group of Rotarians staying, but without prior arrangements for their volunteer work, or plans to only work for a small portion of their stay.
Rotarians be assured our efforts over many years, and those into the future are very much appreciated by the ALT Board and management at Calperum. And such work is rewarded with no charge for accommodation. Calperum is seeking to expand what is becoming a good and steady source of revenue for its operations, and as an organisation I would like to think that we can assist by managing our visits well.
Only when your work program has been confirmed between the Project Captain and Julie the accommodation requirements will be finalised and confirmed.
Elliot Dwyer is the Committeeman who coordinates our FRIENDS OF CALPERUM database. He, along with Julie and myself, would like to be made aware of the interests of Rotarians in the above projects, or even better have ideas for new environment initiatives our Districts can undertake. His email address is eadwyer@hotmail.com
Don Will
Chair: Rotary Calperum & the Environment Committee 2019/20