As we are told to stay at home, follow social distancing rules and wash our hands regularly, families in Syria and refugee camps across the world have no way of protecting themselves.
This week we received the terrible news we’d been dreading - Syria confirmed its first Coronavirus case. Many people are living in horrendous conditions, and there are fears that it could spread uncontrollably.
We are sending this just as news has come in that the UN has called for total ceasefire in Syria to focus on coronavirus.
Right now in Idlib, almost 1 million people are living in makeshift accommodation and overcrowded tents, where adequate hygiene and social distancing measures are impossible.
Coronavirus is making the massive need for humanitarian assistance even more urgent. Right now, we are working even harder with our partners around the world to provide families with the emergency aid they need now, more than ever.

But we urgently need your help. Please donate today to help contain this deadly virus in the most vulnerable communities.
Our tents and shelter kits can help people to distance themselves from each other. Emergency shelter is vital for helping people move from overcrowded camps and collective centres to a more private space.

Blankets and sleeping mats can keep people warm and dry. Water filters and cooking sets allow them to have warm meals and clean water – helping families stay as healthy as possible.

We are all worried about how this virus may affect vulnerable people in our own families – now imagine not having a home during this time. We cannot stress enough the importance of shelter during this pandemic - please help us protect families by supporting our vital work today.

$30 - could buy a Solar Light
 $50 - could buy a Water Filter
                        $75 - could buy Blankets and Ground Mats
 $100 - could buy a Shelter Kit
 $500 - could buy a Relief Tent
                      $1,000 - could buy a Complete ShelterBox
EFT: Bendigo Bank: ShelterBox Australia: BSB 633 000: Account no. 166 780 163 (please email to notify us of your donation and receive your tax receipt).
Cheques can be mailed to: ShelterBox Australia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124
We face uncertain and unprecedented times. Compassion and dedication to humanitarian values are more important than ever. Together we can continue to make sure families around the world receive the emergency shelter they need.
Thank you.
Mike Greenslade 
ShelterBox Australia
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